A Dog’s Purpose is an instant dog lover classic

Courtesy of Jeremy Levy (NBCUniversal)

Courtesy of Jeremy Levy (NBCUniversal)

David Jenkins

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If you aren’t a dog person, that just might change by the end of this film. The demographic was obviously towards dog lovers.

How one can walk away from this film and dislike dogs is beyond me. A Dog’s Pupose is a film that will pierce the hearts of dog lovers and the not so dog lovers alike.

It would be best to take the family to watch this movie. While I’m not much of a family movie fan myself I found this movie to be very good and not regrettable.

I walked in expecting the film to be boring and rather lame, but after 10 minutes in I was hooked.

The 90 minute film takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions and comes at you with rich family-friendly humor that will have people of all ages laughing.

Bestselling Novel turned film, “A Dog’s Purpose” is a family classic that touches on reincarnation from dog to dog.

It tells of a relationship between a dog (first known as Bailey) who is voiced by Josh Gad, and his owner Ethan. Whose character is played by three cast members due to the linear timeline of the movie, Bryce Gheisar (kid), K.J Apa (teenager) and Dennis Quaid (Adult)

The dog of the film takes a journey from life to life to find the owner that he loves the most. Finding his purpose within these lives is shown through laughter, anger, sadness and happiness.

Through the smells his nose picks up; and the things he sees the dog makes comical comments. The dog’s inner thoughts will always get an emotional reaction.

Gad does a great job making the dog seem human, from his comedic ways, to his philosophical thoughts on life.

The purpose of this one particular dog, is to find the owner’s love he once had.

Overall, the film was heartwarming. Even though it had some some creative fault here and there, but one can see past that once they fall in love with the dogs character.







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