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‘Maniac’ Will Literally Leave You Crazy In Love For More!

From comedy to suspense, executive producers and character protagonists, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, used their creative minds to produce a jaw-dropping Netflix original 8-part series “Maniac” for those who are craving a binge-worthy show.

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Taking place in a world of advance technology, the audience approaches the lives of two different individuals, Annie Landsberg, who is a drug user played by the marvelous Emma Stone, and Owen Milsgrim, a schizophrenic man played by the magnificent Jonah Hill.

It’s revealed that somehow they are connected to one another when both participate in an experiment whose main goal is to end depression with its newly-developed treatment.

During this treatment, things take a wild turn when taking the pills the inventor claimed would “resolve” their problems, don’t go as planned.

This resulted in complications and side effects that wouldn’t be something that would cross viewers minds. One of side effects resulted in dream experiences.

Every show has its ups and downs, but this series was completely unexpected.

“Maniac” is not like any ordinary show, in which the following episode, continued off of what was previously shown.

Each episode in the series starts off with a different scene that will just leave viewers thinking, “what the hell?!”

At first, the episodes seem to have been headed onto the path of confusion for a brief moment, but as they continued to play out, it boosted even more admiration for the series, engaging the audience into seeing what would happen next.

The change in story line in each episode was another contributing factor to the show’s uniqueness.

It revealed a sense of adventure since a few of the episodes focused upon a different dream that Landsberg and Milsgrim shared together.

The story line of their dreams ranged from a suburban couple with a family in a scheme to steal back an illegal lemur, to a pair of divorcees on the search for the impeccable book, Don Quixote.

The various story lines all eventually traced back to the protagonists who share an important connection with them.

What makes the series intriguing is that the protagonists hold very serious character backgrounds with depressing back stories.

The work the actors put in captivated the audience because of their excellent acting skills.

Stone and Hill really put their money’s worth into becoming these characters that aren’t the typical roles that they are casted for.

It was particularly surprising to see Hill’s top level acting in such a series that isn’t one to fit in the realm of comedy roles he usually goes towards.

The show is not just any show, but one with its own personality.

There is a definite possibility that its mixed genre can really outgrow the recent teen rom-com films that have quickly gained admiration.

In all honesty, these lovey-dovey films that are gaining wide attention share a similar story line, so we can’t just block out creativity with repetitive ideas spread to the audience.

The good thing is that a series like “Maniac” is finally putting these films in their place, letting them know that competition has finally arrived.

“Maniac” is the beginning of the new and improved film industry and their many projects to come.

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‘Maniac’ Will Literally Leave You Crazy In Love For More!