‘The Conner’s spinoff lacks potential without Roseanne

Eunice Barron, Staff Writer

ABC premiered “The Conners” on Oct. 16, with high hopes and expectations, but without their matriarch Roseanne, the series lacked potential and excitement within their plot.

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“The Conners” premiere was destined from the very start to be hilarious.

The plot of the premiering episode showed the Conners family dealing with grief from Roseanne Conner’s death due to a suppose opioid overdose.

Throughout the episode, the family discovers that the purchase of these opioids were from the black market and struggle to accept the cause of death of the matriarch.

With the death of Roseanne, the Conners family are also forced to face the daily struggles of their home in way they have expected before.

The episode had a sad sensation to it from the beginning to end, in which it lacked excitement from this spinoff series.

The Conners family felt more of a continuation of the Roseanne reboot than its own television sitcom.

There wasn’t anything outstanding and original in this spinoff series.

Throughout the episode, there was a depressing tone in which felt strange unlike the reboot’s usual humor sensation that is known to have.

The only good thing about this episode was how the characters highlighted the current opioid crisis and that affected not only the former main character’s death, but addressed how it affects patients taking these.

The character’s overdose highlighted the real crisis about this issue and the Conners demonstrated issues like this can only only kill a person but affect families as well.

These type of topics relate to many audiences from working class backgrounds in which the show reflect the real life reality of it.

“The Conners” premiere highlighted a truthful and relatable subject in which is not often talked topic on television.

The spinoff series premiere still kept its pro-republican theme from the original reboot sitcom by still staying true to the continuation of the aftermath of Roseanne.

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study in 2017, more than 72,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses in the past year.

Its been a year since ABC called off the Roseanne reboot after Roseanne Barr posted a “racist” tweet about a former Obama administration advisor, Valerie Jarrett, in which caused a huge controversy which lead to the cancellation and creation of a spinoff series.

“The Conners” premiere lacked potential and excitement of becoming its own sitcom.

The Conners family are not the same without Roseanne and the plot felt very empty without the main star.

Despite of shedding light on the topic of the current opioid crisis and trying to maintain its pro-republican theme of the working class American family, its depressed like theme was a disappointment due to its potential.

There is really no point of a show without Roseanne, seeing as how she was who the audience wanted to see more overall.