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Michelle Obama’s Memoir is about becoming the American dream

One of the most anticipated books of the year is the release of the former United States First Lady, Michelle Obama’s autobiography, “Becoming.”

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The book promised to give the readers an intimate look into Obama’s early life, Ivy League experience, personal life and her transition into politics. It is phenomenally inspirational.

“Becoming” is the autobiography that the American people need and must read about.

Michelle Obama’s story is the living example of the American Dream and leaves a powerful message of how an African American girl from a working class background had the privilege to attend Ivy League institutions and unexpectedly becoming the First Lady of the United States.

What made Obama’s autobiography interesting was that she told her own story in her own words which gave the reader a more intimate perspective on what she went through and how her early and personal life was like.

Michelle Obama’s extraordinary life all starts as she calls herself as, “the girl from the South Side of Chicago.

Social classes and racial identity were important topics that Obama explained in her autobiography which are issues that are still relevant today. She admitted that she struggled with these problems with the kids from her community and school peers.

The first quarter of the autobiography gives details of her humble background and how her parents shaped her into the woman she is today.

In education, she describes attending the prestigious Princeton University as “scary” but with her family and mentor’s support she was able to attend and eventually graduated from Princeton and Harvard University.

Michelle Obama gives details on her first impression and love story with future United States president Barack Obama. She recalls this chapter of her life as “Becoming Us.”

At the Chicago Firm of Sidley and Austin is where she met her future husband and eventually married him unexpectedly.

Obama revealed many private details about her personal life such as her miscarriages, difficulty with fertility and the shocking revelation that there was a time in her marriage that the Obamas went to marriage counseling due to their hectic schedules.

Obama was transparent about this time in her life and how important it was to maintain her marriage and happiness.

Obama also talked about her fast transition into the First Lady of the United States and how the change in status impacted her.

The 2016 presidential elections was mentioned in Mrs. Obama’s book. She called President Donald Trump a “bully,” especially on Trump’s conspiracy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate in which she admitted that she “won’t forgive” Trump for risking her family’s safety.

Michelle Obama went through all highs and lows in her life in this autobiography.

Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” gave a platform to become her true self in the most transparent way in which she hopes to inspire and start a conversation with all Americans.

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Michelle Obama’s Memoir is about becoming the American dream