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Rebecca Aguila

The Pork Bahn Mi was one of the most vibrant and delicious dishes accompanied with a light and delicious kale salad that complimented the heat from the sriracha sauce.

Rebecca Aguila, Online Editor

Americas first ever Cannabis cafe serving food for all marijuana enthusiasts!

Gordita Eateries is ready to serve everyone a new custom that officially ends the prohibition of smoking cannabis and dining in a restaurant. We’re heading to the mecca of cultural taboos to West Hollywood, where OG Cannabis Cafe is making headlines with their food and high quality cannabis.

This busy city is now welcoming the scent of delicious food and a hint of cannabis to enhance your foodie experience at the beautiful and green ambiance of OG Cannabis Cafe.

The waitress and waiters greet everyone with a welcoming smile with such an inviting tone that will definitely make you feel excited to finally be able to legally smoke some cannabis with your food in a restaurant.

There are so many dishes to try that it’s almost impossible to choose one thing.

One appetizer to give a go are the jalapeño fried mac and cheese balls that are served with a sriracha sauce that tasted very similar to regular buffalo sauce.

TM Rebecca Aguila
OG Cannabis Cafe’s Jalapeño Fried Mac and Cheese balls lacked the spiciness from the jalapeno. The fried cheese balls were accompanied with a delicious sriracha sauce the saved the dish.

The mac and cheese bites were delicious, but lacked in cheese and spiciness from the jalapeños. Although, they were saved with the delicious sauce that gave a kick of flavor which was missing from the cheese balls.

Up next on the menu was the pork Bahn Mi, which was beautifully presented with its colorful vegetables, which were spewing from the sides of the sandwich. It was paired nicely with a delicious kale salad that tamed the bit of heat that came from the spicy sriracha sauce of the Bahn Mi.

This delectable sandwich included a mouth watering crispy pork with a piquant sriracha mayo, vivid red onions, pasilla Chile from Puebla, Mexico, pickled carrots, Japanese daikon radish, red cabbage, chili glaze and fresh cilantro.

A medium rare Angus beef burger arrived to my table and the burger gods began to shed its light upon arrival. The towering Smash burger was served on a toasty golden bun, a roasted red pepper & garlic aioli, house pickles, crisp radiant red onions and bubbly white cheddar cheese that hugged each patty with deliciousness.

TM Rebecca Aguila
A medium rare Smash Burger was cooked to perfection with a nice and toasty brioche bun. The cheese and sauce gave the burger the right amount of flavor that it needed.

Vegan and Vegetarian options are available at this beautiful cannabis cafe. The black bean burger was tasty, but a bit of a messy dish once diving into it.

This burger included black beans, chickpea, walnuts, caramelized onions, Follow Your Heart Cheese, vegan roasted pepper aioli, butter lettuce and heirloom tomatoes.

The Follow Your Heart cheese is completely vegan and plant based, but still provides that creamy milk cheese that everyone loves.

The brined Jidori fried chicken sandwich could’ve improved on the quality of the chicken thigh. It seemed as if the breast was consumed by a thick batter which was mostly the center of attention of the sandwich.

In all, the sandwich lacked meat, which was unfortunate.

The sandwich included garlic fries that saved the plate from the underwhelming sandwich, fresh and ripened red tomato and Lowell’s Cafe signature house pickles.

Overall, OG Cannabis Cafe was a delightful place to visit to eat and to have a joint or bong accompany your meal. The food was delicious and shined in some aspects, but lacked in other main parts of the dish that were expected to be out of this world.