‘My Hero Acadamia: Heroes Rising’ Review: a plus ultra experience

Oscar Torres and Edgar Mendoza

“My Hero Acadamia: Heroes Rising” is one of the best anime films as a result of its beautiful looking animation full of vibrant colors, spectacularly catchy music and a story that feels fresh and original.

No character is left without screentime, so every fan leaves feeling satisfied.

When it was announced on March 23, 2019 mangaka/Manga writer, Kohei Horikoshi said that the next film for the series would be the last film adaption so many fans had high expectations on how this last film would turn out.

Heroes Rising is set between the end of season three and after the Meta Liberation Arc of the fourth season.

The films starts off with a car chase with a group of heroes trying to chase an armored truck that is being driven by the league of Villains. Inside the truck they are carrying is a life support that is containing a person.

Before they could take the person back to their safe house they were stopped by Endeavor. Having no other option, the group of villains retreated leaving the cargo they were carrying on the truck.

However the person managed to escape and made it back to his followers. This individual is Nine the most powerful villain in existence with the ability of nine quirks at his disposal.

It then gives the audience a brief background on the previous seasons and what happened before the plot of this film.

A few days later Class 1-A of U.A High were being sent to the Nabu Islands for a program to take care of the citizens of the island and do heroes stuff until the previous heroes of the island recover from their wounds.

During their stay they meet and befriended two siblings named Mahoro and Katsuma Shimano.

Later on, villain Nine and is followers attack Nabu Islands in search for Katsuma, as his quirk is the only one that can heal Nine from damaging his body every time he uses his quirks too much.

With no pro heroes to rely on, Class 1-A must do whatever it take to protect the boy, the people and the island from the chaos of nine.

The plot was great as it doesn’t bombard the audience with a lot of exposition for someone who hasn’t seen the anime or read the manga and feels like many can get into the series with this film.

The animation was amazing, being made with a bigger budget the animators managed to make every bit of movement clean and crisps and the CGI on the attacks look creatively beautiful.

The music was catchy as it gave off an orchestra feel with a mix of dubstep that surprisingly fits together really well.

However, it may be hard for some people to understand and people who were curious about the film may not get a lot of the plot points from previous seasons.

But regardless of the issue Heroes Rising is still one of the best anime films and one of the first great anime films of 2020, would recommend to anyone who is a fan of the series or just want to get into the series in general.

Five out of five stars, a great experience for fans of Anime and animation in general.