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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Let’s Talk about New York Il Makiage!

The newest light-weight liquid foundation that matches your skin tone just by an online quiz!
Rebecca Aguila
Il Makiage is light in consistency but gives you a light-weight airbrushed look. This is in the shade #120 I Woke Up Like This Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

Il Makiage is breaking foundation barriers with this light-weight yet full coverage foundation to extreme levels by using only an online quiz to determine or recommend the perfect shade for you and you only.

At first, my skepticism was at an all-time high but I somehow ended up being proven completely wrong. I was pleased to be wrong in this case because this is a valuable tool for make-up lovers everywhere.

It’s irritating to leave the store to find out you’re walking around with a shade that’s either too light or way too dark and Il Makiage can stop that from happening with its’ 14-day free trial.

One of the hardest things about growing up in the make-up world is finding out that not every beautician is going to give you the correct color match for your foundation at your local MAC or Sephora shop.

No, they’re not sabotaging you nor are they acting like they don’t care. It’s simply because it’s hard to find that true color and not letting the foundation oxidize once you’re sampling at the beauty shop.


Il Makiage is light in consistency but gives you a light-weight airbrushed look. This is in the shade #120 I Woke Up Like This (Rebecca Aguila)

After all those swatches it might feel impossible to find the foundation closest to your shade. In comes Il Makiage, a tool that will definitely get you and your snatched look on track.

Il Makiage is based in New York and was established in 2013 by co-founder Shiran Holtzman Erel. Let me just tell you, Shiran, YOU’RE DOING GREAT SWEETY!

Two pumps is all you need to get that desired full coverage without the feeling of it being inconsistent or too thick. You get this airbrushed feeling and after gazing at how good you look in the mirror, you’ll notice that the foundation oxidizes super fast and will remain the same color when first applied to your prepped skin.

This is a great way to start venturing into the make-up world to see if this brand truly works for you! Make-up is definitely a trial-and-error thing but Il Makiage is helping you out a bit more with an actual power match quiz.

Il Makiage is a New York-based brand that was founded by Shiran Holtzman Erel. Watch their tutorials to find out different ways to apply the makeup. (Rebecca Aguila)

Compared to other brands, it doesn’t make your skin feel like you can’t feel the wind.

Now that’s something every beauty influencer and regular make-up user will find very pleasing about this brand and product. This is the perfect foundation if you’re getting ready for a photoshoot or even for normal everyday wear. Either way, try the foundation and find out how well it works with you and your make-up routine.

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Rebecca Aguila, Multimedia Editor
Rebecca Aguila is the currently Multi-media editor and is a 22-year-old student who is majoring Journalism who is set to graduate Spring 2021. Her dream is to create a multi-media production company that is internationally available for an array of content creators. She is a lover of all types of food and will eventually be the creator and producer of food documentary series that highlights the authentic dishes throughout the world.
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    Emma Jane BoothMay 13, 2022 at 9:03 am

    Il makiage has over the top 5 stars plus customer service. Thanks Jordan T.!

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Let’s Talk about New York Il Makiage!