‘WandaVision’ episode 5 ‘On a Very Special Episode’ review: Answers at last and an unexpected guest


Walt Disney Company & Marvel Studios

Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany is Vision in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+. Photo credit: Walt Disney Company & Marvel Studios

Oscar Torres, Arts and Entertainment Co-Editor

In one of the best episodes thus far, viewers finally get some answers to what’s going on in this incredible episode of “WandaVision,” with unexpected events, suspicious activity and a shocking conclusion that leaves people screaming for more.

Last episode was 70’s sitcom inspired but this episode takes the viewers into the 80’s, with not only the tone but the opening taking huge inspiration from “Full House.”

The episode starts with Wanda and Vision trying to put their kids to sleep to no avail.

After a couple of attempts, Agnes comes in unannounced again and offers to help calm the two boys down. Vision gets suspicious of her behavior, but before he has time to think the two boys grow up to age five.

It then cuts to S.W.O.R.D headquarters, where Monica is recovering from her experience. She goes to the briefing where Director Hayward had suggested that Wanda is a threat and is the one controlling the town, with Monica, Jimmy and Dr. Lewis not agreeing with him.

The scene cuts back to the sitcom with Billy and Tommy cleaning a dog in the sink and hiding it from Wanda.

She finds out about the dog with the two boys begging to keep it, with Agnes again coming to the house and conveniently having a dog house for the canine who the Maximoff family now calls Sparky. The two boys turn ten years old.

At work, Vision and Norm are testing out the new computers when Vision gets an email from S.W.O.R.D regarding the situation at Westview.

He uses the information in the computer and ‘awakens’ Norm who tells Vision that someone is controlling the town and trapping the citizens. Vision thinks that it’s Wanda but it could possibly be someone else.

Wanda and the boys train Sparky but notice a noise outside that turns out to be a drone advancing towards Wanda controlled by Monica to try and talk to her. However, Director Hayward takes control of the drone and orders it to terminate Wanda instead.

After awhile, Wanda comes out of the field with the destroyed drone and warns them to leave her and her family alone before going back to the town.

It cuts to a commercial for Lagos Towels, akin to the Downy paper towels.

Lagos in the MCU is a reference to an event in Captain America: Civil War where Wanda accidentally killed a lot of people.

It then cuts to Wanda, Billy, and Tommy looking for Sparky. They eventually find the dog but it dies after they find it.

At night after burying Sparky, Vision argues with Wanda, wanting answers from her, like why everything is like a sitcom

Before she can answer, the doorbell rings. Wanda gets up to answer it, revealing it to be Pietro, but not the same one from Age of Ultron. Instead, it’s the one from the FOX headed X-Men universe.

The plot of this episode was well made as the sitcom parts incorporated elements from 80’s sitcoms with music and messages that shows like “Family Ties” and “Full House” had.

The other parts put the viewers on the edge of their seat, wanting to find out more alongside the S.W.O.R.D agents to unravel the full story behind this situation.

As with previous episodes, the tone it sets out to do is well done, putting the scene in a sitcom style while also adding in some MCU elements.

It was nice that they cut from the inside of Westview to outside of the city, a really well-done touch.

Once again the acting is incredible, with Paul Bettany putting in a performance that I did not expect his character Vision to have. It both surprised and terrified audiences alike.

Elizabeth Olsen also did a fantastic job as she perfectly get in tune with her character, making her slowly more intimidating and acting like a person who is not to be messed with.

But overall the episode is by far one of the best ones so far and it’s very interesting to see what’s in store for the remaining four episodes.

“On a Very Special Episode” gets five out of five stars. A fantastic episode that leaves fans waiting for more as the series continues.