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Super Bowl 2021 commercials: From the very best to the very worst

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With Super Bowl just finished many people view it just for the commercials. This lead led to some bangers and some stinkers. Photo credit: Fotografocualquiera TV

The 55th Super Bowl has finished, and though football fans come for the game and music fans stay for the halftime show, many people stick around for the commercials.

Although many companies pulled away from the festivities, many other ones take the spotlight and give audiences some good and some terrible advertising.

One commercial that got a good laugh was the M&M’s commercial where many people were apologizing to people by giving them M&M’s and the situations were either really weird or really funny.

The ending of the commercial was hilarious, with the Red M&M being trapped in the car getting a good chuckle.

Another great commercial is the General Motors commercial where Will Ferrell finds out that Norway is ahead of the US when it comes to Electric Cars. He teams up with Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to drive to Norway to “Have a word.”

But chaos ensues and that leads to the three getting separated in places other than Norway.

Overall the commercial was hilarious with Will Ferrell’s comedy still getting better and better with every part he plays.

Disney continues to advertise their content, this time promoting “Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” showing just enough of the plot to tease fans. It is fun to see Sam and Bucky again and no doubt it’ll be an exciting show to watch after “WandaVision.”

Another great commercial is the Paramount+ ones where it got a bunch of Paramount properties joining together to climb the Paramount Mountain and at the end, Spongebob came up to sing “Sweet Victory.”

This was an amazing callback to the previous year where people thought the song will be in a halftime show, but in actuality they were fooled and it didn’t even play.

One of the worst commercials of the 55th Super Bowl is the Bud Light Legends. This commercial was just trying to copy the success of Avengers with the Portals and the characters from Bud Light coming out of it.

Plus the jokes weren’t that funny. They were lackluster and the concept was just bad and unoriginal.

Another bad commercial was the “Can a Burrito Change the World?” commercial by Chipotle as they went too over the top with just a burrito. The line is just too confusing and hard to make out why just the burrito would change the world. Just wasn’t even that good in general.

But those are a few of some of the commercials that were considered both good and bad. Not all of the commercials could be talked about but these are just some of the most viewed ones.

If there was a favorite it would have to be “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” all because a lot of people are excited for that series.

All the other commercials can be viewed on YouTube.

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Oscar Torres, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor
Oscar Torres is one of the Co-Arts & Entertainment editors here in Cerritos college. He’s been wanting to study journalism since high school and since then he’s been working hard to continue his goal. He enjoys all things entertainment from manga, film, shows/cartoons, music and video games. Oscar hopes to transfer to CSULA to continue his career in journalism in hope of one day working in a news group that he is passionate about or starting his own brand for all things entertainment.
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Super Bowl 2021 commercials: From the very best to the very worst