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‘Mortal Kombat'(2021): A (near) flawless victory

Mortal Kombat is an ongoing fighting game series where you can kill your opponent by performing a fatality. This will be the first Mortal Kombat movie in years after the 1995 films and sequel and is a reboot. Photo credit: Warner Bros. & HBO Max/TNS

“Mortal Kombat” goes for a different approach than the 1995 film but maintains its own charm.

Many were skeptical when the film was announced, since the 1995 version was still considered a classic. Fans were hoping that this film would be the same in both quality and fan service.

The film starts in 17th century Japan where the Shirai Ryu clan is living in peace with the clan leader Hanzo Hasashi who bears a dragon marking.

He leaves to grab more water but comes back to see his entire clan along with his wife and son killed by the Lin Kuei clan led by Bi Han.

Hanzo fights with all his might but is killed by Bi Han, and upon his death, he is sent to the NetherRealm. However, his youngest daughter still lives with Lord Raiden appearing to take her so that she would be safe.

In the present day, Outworld has won the ninth Mortal Kombat tournament and only needs one more win to take over Earthrealm, the sorcerer Shang Tsung sends Sub-Zero (Bi Han) to earth to kill the champions with the dragon marking to make sure Earth realm becomes defenseless.

The scene cuts to Cole Young, a former MMA champion, after a fight that he ends up losing, spending time with his wife and daughter when it suddenly begins to snow, caused by Sub-Zero.

He tries to kill Young but was saved by Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs.

Jax tells Cole about how he has the same dragon marking saying that he has been chosen. He then tells him to go find Sonya Blade while he goes to deal with Sub-Zero. However, Jax fails to beat him and ends up armless and unconscious.

After making sure his family is safe, Cole goes to the address that Jax told him and meets Sonya Blade, who tells him about the dragon marking. She explains that they have been chosen to participate in a Mortal Kombat tournament to save Earthrealm.

Later they get introduced to Kano, a mercenary and leader of the Black Dragon Clan. Before they have time to think, the group gets attacked by Reptile. They are able to take it down with the help of Kano, who pulls its heart out of its body.

They travel to Raiden’s temple and meet with Liu Kang who shows them to the temple to meet with Lord Raiden.

They train with Kano, getting his arcana unlocked, but Cole fails to do so. Raiden tells him that he’s the descendant of Hanzo Hasashi but tells him that he’s unfit to fight alongside them and sends him back to his family.

Meanwhile, Shang Tsung assembles his warriors to storm Raiden’s temple and kill the fighters, one of his warriors, Kabal, tells him about Kano and how to help switch sides.

Kabal meets up with Kano and persuades him to join his side. He ultimately agrees and destroys the staff that protects them leading them to fight for their lives.

The Earthrealm warriors escape and hatch a plan to kill all of Shang Tsung’s warriors.

They beat them all with the assistance of Scorpion, taking down Sub-Zero, before searching for more warriors to participate in the tournament representing Earthrealm.

Shung sends Goro to kill Cole but Cole ultimately unlocks his arcana and kills Goro.

He tells them they would have to train hard and unlock their arcana to participate in the tournament.

The story could have been better as some parts of it would either feel off or drag way too long. Several characters felt either underused or not written well.

Kano was probably one of the best characters in the film, with his banter and comedic vibes, thanks to actor Josh Larson. He practically steals the spotlight over some characters.

Cole Young was an interesting choice in adding in a new character but I’ve grown to like the character and the way he is, I just wish he could have more to do and more to say.

One of the main highlights of this film is the fighting and the fatalities. They are downright some of the best parts.

The fighting was well choreographed and intense, like how it is in the games. One of the main highlights of the films is the fights between Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Though not as intense as the newer “Mortal Kombat” games, the fatalities can still be as brutal as all hell, with even some classic fatalities making their way into this film.

The costume designs are phenomenal, with each look of the characters looking almost identical as they did in the games. Scorpion and Sub-Zero’s new costumes look good for the modern era and it’s great to see them come up with cool, unique costumes for them every time they get introduced.

Overall “Mortal Kombat” is a good adaption of the video game franchise and shows that video game movies can be good.

The film gets a three and a half out of five. Not a bad movie but it can be improved on some parts. If you’re a fan of the series then this film is highly recommended.

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Oscar Torres, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor
Oscar Torres is one of the Co-Arts & Entertainment editors here in Cerritos college. He’s been wanting to study journalism since high school and since then he’s been working hard to continue his goal. He enjoys all things entertainment from manga, film, shows/cartoons, music and video games. Oscar hopes to transfer to CSULA to continue his career in journalism in hope of one day working in a news group that he is passionate about or starting his own brand for all things entertainment.
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‘Mortal Kombat'(2021): A (near) flawless victory