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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Sledgehammer Games finally delivers good Call of Duty game

Isaiah Lonvelin
One of the maps that Call of Duty: Vanguard came out with a throwback too. Map is called Castle with a gun STG44.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is out and is the best COD game to come out in the last three years.

Everything from the game play movement, maps, game modes, and guns makes this game enjoyable to play.

Starting the game up is the main theme “Precept” that gives the tension that this game is going to be different from the rest. It has that similar “Game of Thrones” theme and not the same old copy and paste soundtrack that developers put into CODs.

The engine that this game is based off is the Modern Warfare movement that fans enjoyed playing in. That engine made it to be realistic and were able to run and mantle over obstacles faster compared to the originals.

For a long while what seem to be taking the joy out of the COD games were the maps, and finally with the launch of the game are maps that are enjoyable to play in multiplayers.

Instead of just making six or eight maps, Vanguard came out with 16 maps that play astonishing. The graphics are top of the notch making it appeasing to the players eyes.

It gives you different ways to play and makes it suitable to different playstyles. You can be that players that likes to rush into the enemies side or are the ones that play slow and hold down the lanes.

A thing that developers added was you can break down doors or walls in certain areas of the map. Giving a Rainbow six type of play which is something that has not been in a COD game. It is fun to do it to the enemy team, but if it happens to you then it could be overwhelming.

Game modes are the same like every game, but the twist is it gives you a format of 12v12, 8v8, or 6v6. You cannot choose the amount of players you play with but is fun nonetheless.

You won’t be able to tell the difference or even care since you can level up faster then before with all the XP you get.

A new feature that this game has is ‘MVP’ which mean three players who had the highest KD, most multi-kills, or captures get to be voted MVP. The players on your team can choose one player, and whoever has the most votes wins a bunch of XP that can help you level up.

The guns in this game are fun and not one is overpowered or weak when starting out.

You are able to have 10 attachments added to the guns, and are up to level 70. Their is a variety of ways to customize your classes making the game not favor one gun over the other.

The camos are better then the last two games making it worth to get all diamond and eventually finishing all the camos for every weapon.

Along with the guns, score streaks are still the same, but brining back the attack dogs was a long time in the making.

Overall this game will exceed any expectations you may have before buying it for Christmas, and will be worth the money.

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Isaiah Lonvelin, Co-Sports Editor
Isaiah Lonvelin is the sports co-editor for Talon Marks. He plans on transferring to Cal State Long Beach or Cal State Fullerton to pursue a Bachelor’s in journalism. He enjoys watching baseball and football.
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Sledgehammer Games finally delivers good Call of Duty game