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Spoilers ahead: ‘1899’ series review

Netflix released the mind-twisting show, “1899”, on Nov. 17.

Netflix released a new television series, “1899,” that consisted of eight episodes in November for audiences who are a fan of mystery and science fiction genres.

“One shouldn’t base a choice on love, anger, hate. They’re just silly feelings that cloud the mind,” Henry Singleton said.

“Every time, they make the same mistakes. And every time, they die. Because they can’t get rid of their emotions. But that’s what makes them weak. It’s human nature’s ultimate flaw.”

At the beginning of the first season, one may feel intrigued when he or she is introduced to immigrants who speak different languages such as Spanish, French, Polish, German, Danish, Swedish and more.

While traveling on a steamship from London to New York, the immigrants face a mystery when they encounter a missing ship, the Prometheus, that was gone for four months.

The captain of the ship and a group of immigrants want to explore the ship, due to mysterious letters being sent to them, and take it back to London while another group disagrees with that idea creating a violent riot that included weapons.

The captain and the group of immigrants end up exploring the ship and found a young boy locked in a cabinet holding a pyramid-shaped device.

After watching the first couple of episodes, I was drawn to the plot and I felt curious about what was going to happen next. Throughout the whole series, there were many mind-twisting scenes that made me confused.

The main characters end up finding clues that made them begin to question their stay on the steamship.

These characters started noticing that there was something wrong with the ship after finding hidden secrets and technology that they haven’t seen.

The series gets better because one of the main characters finds a latch on the floor of a room that leads to a tunnel. The character goes down the tunnel and entered some sort of reality where she is reliving her past memory.

Towards the end of the show, it was revealed that the immigrants were in some sort of simulation controlled by Henry Singleton.

Although this show was very entertaining, it took me a while to finish this show because it was a little bit complex and each episode was about 50 minutes long.

I didn’t like how it took so long to get to the main point because of how long the episodes were, I sort of got tired of watching them.

However, it does get better toward the last few episodes of the season.

Overall, I liked the whole idea of how the characters were dressed in the 1800s and how the main characters ended up working together to get out of the simulation. This show can make a person think about life.

I definitely recommend this show to anyone who is interested in mind-twisting shows like this.

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Jaelyn Delos Reyes
Jaelyn Delos Reyes, Staff Writer
Jaelyn Delos Reyes is the Community Editor of Talon Marks. She covers community, opinion, Arts and Entertainment, news. She enjoys binge watching new shows and is a Marvel fan. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in Spring 2023.
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Spoilers ahead: ‘1899’ series review