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Record-breaking “The Last of Us” episode one review

Joel and Ellie hiding along a cabinet from one of the infected people.

With only two episodes, the show “The Last of Us” is already breaking records and dethroning “Breaking Bad” with its rating of 9.5 stars on IMDb, viewers are dubbing it the best TV series of all time.

Critics everywhere are raving about how “The Last of Us” may be one of the best, if not the best video game adaptation of all time, a genre in which films and shows tend to flop.

HBO raked in 4.7 million viewers on the show’s first episode making it the second-largest debut of an HBO show since 2010.

The “Last of Us” seems bound to change the bad reputation video game adaptations have gotten due to flops like “Assassins Creed” and “Resident Evil.”

“Last of Us” embarked on a prologue that is so well thought out and manufactured that from the get-go you understand the journey the show is about to take you on.

The script of the show isn’t exactly the same as the video game’s gameplay which makes the show even better because it throws in its own unique twists that leave fans of the game staggered.

The show opens up completely differently from the game, which quite frankly sets up the first episode beautifully.

We’re taken to a scene in the ’60s where a scientist explains the potential effects of cordyceps fungus infection on people.

We’re then taken to Texas sometime in 2003 where you’re introduced to Joel who is celebrating his birthday, Sarah his daughter and his brother Tommy.

Amidst their normal lives towards the end of Joel’s birthday, the world begins to fall apart and all three attempts to flee the chaos.

Immediately tragedy strikes as a military soldier finds Joel and Sarah moments after they crash and is ordered to shoot them both, killing Sarah.

We’re then taken 20 years into the present and the plot begins to reveal what Joel’s main goal throughout the show is going to be.

The climax and best part of the episode are reached when Joel and his partner Tess are tasked with delivering a 14-year-old girl named Ellie.

In a cross-country venture, the two must deliver Ellie, who could potentially have the cure for the infection, to a rebellion group called the Fireflies revolting against FEDRA, the American military.

Throughout the first episode, viewers are left on the edge of their seats about what will happen next and they’re left wondering what’s happened to the outside world in the last 20 years.

While many fans were upset that the actors cast didn’t look similar to the game’s characters, they did an outstanding job portraying them and staying true to their in-game personalities.

The direction of the show deserves recognition and praise for staying true to the spirit of the game while not following it completely to the letter.

The show is getting a lot of attention and for all the right reasons and there are high hopes for the rest of the show.

On a scale from one to ten I would easily give episode 1 of “The Last of Us” a nine out of 10 because of how well the pilot was put together, it captured the beginning of the story perfectly and set up what the show would go on to be about well.

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Joel Carpio, Managing Editor
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Record-breaking “The Last of Us” episode one review