Countries represented in ISA’s Global Village event

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Talon Marks Online News

Talon Marks Online News

The International Student Association held its first Global Village event Tuesday May 1 with support of other clubs to promote diversity of cultures such Japanese, Mexican, and Peruvian that are represented at Cerritos College.

ISA has changed directions in how its promotion is done, last spring it held a spring festival that took place in the Student Center, this event was held on the weekends when not many students were available.

With the lack of students at this festival the idea of Global Village came to the ISA club.

Vice President of ISA Evan Thierry said he decided to move the event to Falcon Square in order to attract more students to the event.

“We moved it [Global Village] to Falcon Square to promote more student involvement that way other people get to know other cultures and ethnicities that are actually here on campus,” Thierry said.

Anime, iFalcon, Math, Model United Nations, and Kabarkada Club participated in the Global Village event.

President of ISA Abner Caguioa, said that he wanted to showcase the international students present at Cerritos.

He wanted to invite businesses and more clubs to help with Global Village and also have more cultural information booths.

This was iFalcon’s first time helping ISA with an event.

President of iFalcon, Bertha Calderon, explained the role that it had with Global Village.

“Ace (Caguioa) first approached me with this, he’s very into iFalcon and he sees education as something that should be global and student success should always be global.”

Calderon along with other members of iFalcon passed out flyers and pamphlets to students to help with higher education and success.

Booths were set up each to represent a different part of the world, such as Africa, Asia, Europe and Mexico.

The regions that were not represented were North America, Australia and Central America.

Some tables had food that represented their part of the world as well as a poster board with information and pictures that show the history and culture of the different places in their country.

The Anime Club helped run the Mainland Asia booth, were it had a demonstration of a Japanese version of fencing.

Other booths had flags that represented their country, and others had small dolls or snow globes that showed a specific tradition or place of the country.

Thierry said he hopes that students who visited Global Village get a sense of the diverse cultures here at Cerritos College.

He also hopes that next year the event will be bigger and represent more parts of the world.

As a first time event for ISA, Caguioa says it was very successful.

ISA meetings are every Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. in room SS 138.