A compilation of healthy eating tips from the semester

Michael Ares

While the food court and snack bars at Cerritos College have options that are far from healthy, the campus’ Student Health Services Center and health teachers have been making an effort to motivate students to pursue healthy living and eating habits.

Dietitian Hazel Ng has covered lectures all semester with topics ranging from healthy eating, obesity, and even diabetes.

Ng said regarding student eating habits, “It’s very easy for students to eat poorly because they have classes, jobs, and some have kids at home.”

If students don’t watch what they eat, there can be some serious consequences to their health in the future.

In order to combat gaining weight and other health problems, Ng advised students to:

  • Plan meals ahead of time
  • Portion their meals
  • Watch for just how many calories they are consuming
  • Drink water before meals to avoid overeating
  • Avoid fried foods

Ng also has encouraged students to go to the doctor and take tests to see if they are at risk for diabetes.

If a student has diabetes or is pre-diabetic, Ng advised students to:

  • Exercise three days a week for at least half an hour
  • Eat healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain

Exercise is a huge component in helping losing weight, or keeping off diseases and sicknesses at bay.

Health Instructor Karen Welliver gave tips on ways students can exercise and tone their bodies without having to go to the gym and without weights.

Welliver adivsed students to:

  • Ride a bike
  • Jog
  • Walk
  • Do something fun like dancing
  • Push-ups and sit-ups
  • Lunges

With the Thanksgiving binge-eating fest behind us, and with the Christmas season quickly approaching, it is not too late for a student to put into practice some of the tips mentioned in order to obtain that healthier and happier lifestyle.