Part one of Falcon Games bring competition to Cerritos College

Daniel Green and Daniel Green

The Anthropology Club beat out other clubs to emerge as the winner of part one of the first ever Falcon Games that took place Monday March 11.

Anthropology major Lauren Didio was happy that the club had done so well.

“I was looking forward to (the Falcon Games) the most, I was pumped up for it. I’m still a little pumped up.”

The Falcon Games is a club wide contest that includes games and contests to help create unity between the clubs and promote awareness of the many locations of the Cerritos College campus.

While there have been similar games held before between the clubs, this is the first one to be hosted by the Inter-Club Council.

The head chair of the Falcon Games Committee Abner “Ace” Caguioa believed that part one of the games were successful but “it was rough”.

The contests for part one consisted of challenges such as sack races, hula hoop races, and even a water balloon contest.

Each club elected a team of three people to compete in each challenge.

Groups were forced to work as a team as they had to complete each challenge before they were given a card with the next location.

Some of the challenges were more difficult for the groups than the others such as one challenge where club members were forced to jump three thousand times while being counted by a step counter.

“The worst part (was) when we were doing the three thousand steps, and they made it two thousand steps. I pretty took over for that.”

Julia Poecnik agreed that the steps were the hardest.

“It was three thousand, but they changed it to two thousand because they thought three thousand was a lot. So I think that was the hardest.”

Anthropology Club placed first and was rewarded $200, second place was the Spice Club who won $100, and iFalcon won $50 for third place.

Every other team was awarded with $25 to the club regardless of its place.

There was some controversy as some teams accused others of cheating and there was confusion among the contestants about the rules.

“There were some accusations of some cheating on the teams, but that really depends on the rules so we have to go over (them) again.”

“It was…really miscommunication among with the committee members…we take full responsibility for that. But we’re trying to (reach) a compromise so everyone comes out with something at the end.”

Part two of the Falcon Games take place on Wednesday March 13, in which the contest will be an Academic Decalthon held in the Teleconference Center from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Part three will be held on Thursday March 14, the contest will be a Video Game tournament from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Falcon Square.