ASCC participates for first time in ‘March in March’

The Associated Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) will be participating in its first ever “March in March” for student rights on Sunday in Sacramento.

The “March in March” is an advocacy event that is traditionally organized by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). It is a march in which the students protest to show the legislators personal concerns and care about education, and fight for their legislations to be passed.

They engage in legislative visits at the capital of California, Sacramento, and advocate for or against bills that may affect any students attending a community college in the entire state of California.

Leadership skills are also a big part of the march. It seeks to teach and empower students with these tactics to guide them and benefit them throughout their life.

Guest speakers are also involved to make the experience for those involved more powerful and informative.

ASCC Vice President Aldemar Sanchez said, “This march will impact our students in learning more about the student government and becoming more aware about their rights.”

However, this year the students will be going up north to know more about the legislators, more about Sacramento and the march itself.

For Cerritos College, the student government’s main concern for what it wants to fight for are the fees.

The fee of classes per unit has risen to $46, and the goal is to make it more affordable for students so they will not miss out on an education.

Juan Ramirez, ASCC President said, “Everybody deserves an education. And it is our goal to make a point to make it affordable or more reduced.”

Cerritos College has been involved with SSCCC for the past four years, but this will be its first time actually participating in the march, along with other Southern California Community Colleges (SCCC).

The SCCC are known as Region 8 and it primarily consists of schools such as Cypress, Rio Hondo, Fullerton and Golden West College.

Although initially the trip was intended for 42 students, only 18 students signed up. The maximum numbers of students that will now be attending are mostly a part of Cerritos College’s student government.

Beatrice Caballero, nursing major and commissioner of athletics, and “March in March” attendee said, “I want to go to the march because I want to know other students who feel the same interest and be more aware of the school government systems.”