Homecoming theme, green initiatives discussed at Cabinet meeting

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

At the ASCC Cabinet, several topics were discussed, some of them involving the Homecoming theme for October, a go-green bike station the school will be providing and the joining of the ASCC with the school radio station WPMD.

The theme for Homecoming will be “Around the World,” as discussed at the Cabinet meeting.

Vice President Charles Caguioa said, “Several clubs have chosen countries that they want to represent for Homecoming, and we will be seeing a lot of the cultures as it would be depicted on (the clubs’) float by all the clubs that are going to be with us.”

As approved in last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, Cerritos buildings will upgrade to L.E.E.D certified buildings, which means the structure will be more suitable for students and staff in an environmentally friendly kind of way.

The Go-Green bike stations were also discussed.

“Currently, Go-Green is looking toward particular different methods and different procedures as to really going green, and so one of the ideas that has really been put forward is bike racks, since a lot of the students here commute here not with cars, but by utilizing their bikes. We want to be able to have both an efficient process and safe way for bikes to be kept here in Cerritos College,” Charles Caguioa stated.

He added, “We’re promoting something more green.”

Student President Miles Aiello also commented with excitement about the Go-Green bike stations.

“The bike station is going to be huge and it’s going to give students the opportunity to lock up their bikes without worrying about them getting stolen or damaged. The thing is a ton of bikes are being stolen off campus, and some professors don’t even let students bring their bikes into their class rooms, and, at that point, we’re depriving some students of their only mode of transportation.”

Also talked about during the meeting, the ASCC will be joining forces with various groups in school, one of them which is WPMD, to get all events publicized around campus to expand outreach.

Caguioa said, “Currently our commissioner of public relations is establishing a lot of relations in regards to the people and organizations here in Cerritos College that are all about publicizing and all about communicating what is happening on campus.”