President Aiello plans Veterans Day event

Denny Cristales, Editor-in-Chief

Miles Aiello took one look at an article and knew that veterans deserved better than this.

“These veterans have not received the recognition that they deserve at Cerritos College, ” the ASCC president said.

And that’s how one article spanned a chain of events that will lead to a Veterans Day Ceremony in front of the Burnight Center on Monday at 11 a.m.

Veterans Day is a commemorative holiday that honors veteran soldiers who served for the United States.

Aiello feels that the celebration has fallen short and was not a proper testament to the service veterans have provided throughout their life.

He wants to hold a widespread celebration on campus and showcase as a “student body, a true ‘thanks.’”

The Cerritos College school band and the color guard will be playing the United States National Anthem at the ceremony.

Veterans will be speaking up about their experience serving the military. Additionally, student speakers will be present, too.

Aiello said, “The event will be a ceremony targeted to shed light on those who have served our country. One of the main objectives for the event is to get numerous clubs on campus involved, to help students grow into becoming leaders and taking ownership and responsibility.

“But, also, additionally, to have the event centered around emotion and to really have the audience captivated by what it means to be a veteran for the United States military.”

Michelle Mancilla, business administration major, agreed with Aiello about the event being a proper way of acknowledging the troops.

Veterans that show up will be handed a pin designed especially for them.