Longer Cabinet meetings discussed, Master Plan update given

Jennifer Medina

While there was only two items in the last agenda of the semester for student Cabinet members, the Dec. 8 lasted a little over the hour that it usually takes, with a small goodbye from student body President Miles Aiello.

During Cabinet, members discussed extending the time of future meeting to an hour and a half.

Commissioners gave ideas as to what could be done to not interfere with their schedules in the next semester, since about three to four cabinet members leave before each meeting is over in most meetings due to class schedules.

Some of the ideas were to start the meetings half an hour before the normal time, which would be 1:30 p.m. but if cabinet were to do that then it would have to go through a whole parliamentary process before having anything official.

Another common idea among Cabinet members was to have commissioner reports shorter or to move them until the very end so the most important business can be discussed at the beginning of future meetings.

Cabinet passed that idea and in the spring of 2015 commissioner reports will be until the end of ‘New Business’ of their agendas.

However It was not stated during the meeting if future meetings will be held longer or not.

The other important item discussed in the meeting was the Master Plan update which was an informational object which the Vice President of Business Services, David El Fattal gave.

He informed Cabinet of the projects that have been going on at campus since 2004 and which ones have been finished and which ones have not.

El Fattal said that all the new buildings will be possibly ready in Fall 2017.