ASCC Court creates presidential and trustee election board committees


Eddie De La Rosa, Victor Macias, Alejandra Lopez, Tam Tran, Andrew Ballantyne February 24 2015 ASCC court meeting. The ASCC court waiting to create the presidential and trustee election committees. Photo credit: Perla Lara

Perla Lara, Staff Writer

With the meeting in order and no one to present in the public forum, Chief Justice Alejandra Lopez called for the advisor’s report during ASCC Cabinet on Tuesday, Feb. 24

The report was given by Dean of Student Services Dr. Gilbert Contreras; he reported that the March in March event will take place Monday, March 2 until Monday, March 9 and ASCC students participating will have the opportunity to meet with Sacramento leaders.

He also reported that the activities staff is not responsible for the elections and it is the ASCC’s responsibility to be in charge.

Just like the ASCC hires clerks, it is the ASCC Court’s job to be in charge of those clerks.

The first item on the agenda to be discussed was the nomination and the appointment of the presidential and trustee election board committees.

The committees would meet to make sure that the elections are going on as scheduled and are happening in accordance to the established guidelines.

Associate Justice Eddie De La Rosa expressed his interest in serving in the committee but due to a conflict of interest he is not eligible to serve.

Chief Justice Alejandra Lopez expressed her desire to have everyone in court serve in one of the two committees and nominated herself to be a part of the presidential election board committee.

After nominations, the appointed presidential committee members are as follows:

  • Associate Justice Clerk Victor Macias
  • Associate Justice Secretary Tam Tran
  • Chief Justice Alejandra Lopez

The trustee election board committee members are the following:

  • Associate Justice Andrew Ballantyne
  • Associate Justice Michael Melindo

A Court update on a senate topic presented by Chief Justice Alejandra Lopez hence the need for Associate Justice Clerk Victor Macias to be acting Chief Justice.

Lopez updated the court on the upcoming senate legislation on whether or not to recommend that ASCC President Miles Aiello and Vice President Charles Caguioa resign from their student affairs assistant position.

As Lopez stated on Jan. 21, both the president and vice president where hired as student affairs assistants with an hourly pay of $14.32.

Some senators claim a lack of transparency in the hiring and also a conflict of interest.

Dean of Student Services Dr. Gilbert Contreras who created the position said, “Nothing was done out of the normal human resources hiring position, I followed the process on how to hire people here at Cerritos College. My only involvement was back in October putting forward a request to hire student affairs assistants.”

He added, “I put a memo October 22 to my boss requesting that based on the idea that the President and Vice president shouldn’t work off campus and do this (be president and vice president) because the time commitment is enormous. I feel that in order for students to be successful we have to provide them with supportive jobs on campus and this was an important first step in that direction.”