March and April set to be active months for clubs

Samantha Vasquez, Multimedia Editor

March and April are going to be two exciting months for Cerritos College students because they’ll be able to participate in a handful of activities whether it be by themselves or with their respective club.

During the monthly ICC meeting on Thursday, Feb. 26, the clubs on campus gathered in BK111 to discuss upcoming activities and fundraising events.

Aside from the clubs, several representatives from outside programs went to the meeting to provide information on possible fundraising opportunities for the clubs.

Due to a lack of sign-ups from students, the 5K OBS & FIT Challenge run has been postponed to a later date.

Clubs were asked to get involved in Earth Day which will take place during Diversity Week on April 22.

Booths for this event will be educational games which will inform students on how to be more environmentally friendly.

Commissioner of ICC Suleyma Castillo said, “I’m excited for Earth Day because it’s a good way to get students involved and not only are they learning something new, they’re getting free goodies as well.”

Since many students are unaware of the food bank on campus, the food task force put together a campus-wide food drive with all the clubs.

The name of the food drive is “Cerritos College Cares and Collects.”

The idea was brought up when an athlete at the school was feeling ill due to not eating for over three days.

As of now the food task force consists of mainly staff and they want to receive more student involvement.

The clubs that participate in the food drive will be paired up with a division/department on campus and will have to decorate their assigned box (that was given at the meeting) with anything relating to their particular division.

The department that gets the most perishable goods will receive a pizza party and a check.

Biology major, Trent Coates, and a member of the Environmental club said, “I feel like we shouldn’t be participating in this fundraising to get a cash prize, it should be out of the kindness of their heart. The purpose is not to get however much money you spent on the food back.”

Alumni who majored in art will be coming back to Cerritos to be apart of Art Day which will involve faculty and anyone that is majoring in any art program.

Art Day will be in Falcon Square and will allow participants to express what art is to them.

Louie Hernandez who is in the Architecture and Technology club announced that David Moore approved the project that would allow students to collaborate and design a patio or garden for the school.

The patio or garden would be located right behind the library and will fit 30 to 40 students.

Hernandez thought the area would be perfect for future ASCC students to hold their meetings there since the present meeting room (BK111) will be under construction soon.

Once the patio or garden is built then students will be able to plant any flowers they wish. They will also be in charge of the upkeep for it but if anything is damaged, maintenance will fix it.

Students or clubs that are interested in further information regarding the upcoming events or have any questions can e-mail: [email protected].