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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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ASCC President Karen Patron and Vice President David Ramirez inaugurated in front of senate

David Jenkins
President elect Karen Patron being sworn in in front of ASCC senate by Cheif Justice Rodrigo Quintas on Wednesday, April 26. Her duites as preisdent will begin next Fall semester. Photo credit: David Jenkins

The ASCC President elect Karen Patron and Vice President elect David Ramirez were inaugurated in the beginning of Wednesday, April 26 ASCC Senate meeting by Chief Justice Rodrigo Quintas.

Their terms will start in this year’s fall semester.

Patron said she decided to run for president because she wants to bring back the school spirit, make the students feel welcomed and for them feel like they belong on campus.

She added that the student government is for the students not just the people involved in the government and she wants to represent all the students.

Patron is the first female ASCC President in five years.

She said she thought she would struggle running as president because she was told that people tend to vote for males as President.

“I wanted to challenge that, I was the first female in five years to run for Student Trustee and I won and once again I hit another landmark I’d be the first female President in five years as well,” Patron said.

She expected for it to be harder to win but she has a strong support system that encouraged her throughout the whole campaign process.

Her supporters told her she could do it and were excited for her to be their next President.

Patron said the reason she won was because people notice how involved she is in school events, meetings, conferences and how much effort she puts into it and how she’s trying to make a change on campus.

Some of her goals she wants to establish as the President are updating the Game Room and doing a bike sharing program on campus.

Vice President elect David Ramirez said the reason why he decided to run for Vice President is because he decided it’s time for a new voice to be heard, he wants to make a change and wants to help students do great while pursuing their educational goals in Cerritos.

As Vice President his priorities are listening and meeting the students needs, seeing their concerns and as a group address them.

“I want the students of Cerritos College to know, is that to go out there and to make a change in the world, to go out there and see that there’s opportunities much like the ones that I’ve accomplished that they can do anything they set their eyes to wake up in the morning dot take that extra step, no goal they set is beyond them,” Ramirez said.

He hopes to have a diversity of senators next semester from different clubs and majors for their voices to be heard, add more initiatives for more safety on campus, and see student success.

During the commencement ASCC Chief Justice Quintas asked Patron and Ramirez if they want anyone to join them while they were being sworn in and Vice President elect invited his best friend of 18 years Paul de La Rosa, they have been friends since third grade and Ramirez invited him to share his big moment.

President elect Patron invited her little sister Casandra Patron because she wants to follow in her big sister’s footsteps.

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ASCC President Karen Patron and Vice President David Ramirez inaugurated in front of senate