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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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President Fierro discusses vaccine mandate, spring semester via Instagram Live

President Fierro of Cerritos College acknowledges every viewer as they join onto his Instagram live. Fierro informed viewers about athletic games resuming, cases getting under control and the vaccine mandate which will occur on Oct. 1. Photo credit: Fatima Durrani

Cerritos College President Jose Fierro hopped onto Instagram live to answer questions, comments and concerns of viewers on Sept. 21.

Fierro emphasized the importance of receiving both COVID-19 vaccines to prevent hospitalizations, and that proof of a negative COVID-19 test will be a requirement implemented on Oct. 1.

He also mentioned the importance of maintaining a good relationship with academic counselors.

“I encourage you to ensure that you go and meet with your counselors,” Fierro said, “It’s for your best interest.”

Fierro announced tutoring opportunities available this semester to students that may struggle, and how tutoring can greatly it can help a student. “You still have time to raise those low grades, so if you need help please stop by and seek help,” he said.

In response to a student’s question, Fierro explained that there is no final answer on how Spring 2022 will look, but that it will most likely be similar to the Fall 2021 semester.

President Fierro feels confident and comfortable with the safety protocols implemented at Cerritos College because the cases have been low at the school.

“Students are enjoying coming back on campus,” Fierro said. “We will probably offer a few more depending on enrollment,” he said, referring to classes.

Additionally, Fierro recommended students take advantage of the convenient dining options on campus to also help support campus businesses.

A number of dining options on campus have gone out of business due to a lack of support throughout the pandemic.

“We still have a few vendors on campus that are hanging on tight and helping us provide food for those of us who are on campus,” Fierro said.

The President also said the athletics department has resumed physical training, conditioning and practice after a year without matches.

“We began to allow audiences to attend our games with limited capacity,” Fierro said, “granted that everyone follows protocols.”

There will be a registration form in order to see athletic games on campus.

“Follow the protocols, make sure you’re tested if you haven’t gotten the vaccine. Please get vaccinated,” Fierro recommended.

Fierro said it’s important to build a sense of community by cooperating and following safety protocols to prevent cases from increasing.

For services and counseling on mental health, you can visit the link here.

“If you see someone that is down,” Fierro said, “check on them. Maybe the only thing they need is for someone to check on them.”

Fierro acknowledged that it can be uncomfortable wearing a mask sometimes, but that it’s important to follow safety rules.

This weeks’ Instagram live concluded with viewers interacting with Fierro asking about his personal interests such as podcasts, music and books.

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President Fierro discusses vaccine mandate, spring semester via Instagram Live