Tom Gallivan, former Campus Police Chief, dies


Gustavo Lopez

Interim Chief Tom Gallivan fills out his daily reports. “I never stop,” he said about the paperwork. The photo was taken around 2014.

Samuel Chacko, Editor in Chief

The news of Tom Gallivan’s death was known when Dr. Fierro gave a message about the loss on July 29.

“Chief Gallivan was instrumental in improving many processes in the police department,” the president of Cerritos College, Dr. Fierro wrote, “throughout his career, he is best remembered by his co-workers for his kindness and good nature.”

Dr. Fierro’s sentiments to Chief Gallivan were shown in an article titled, “Tom Gallivan: A man of two hats,” where Gallivan talks about inheriting the role of interim police chief.

From using mantras that the former Police Chief Richard Bukowieck used like “you always want to make it better than when you got here,” and, “no job is too small,” you see how much respect Chief Gallivan had for his former police chief.

He not only had respect for his former police chief but his co-workers as well. Gallivan repeatedly had glowing praises for his co-workers, “It’s nothing but positive. The officers have been nothing but supportive; the faculty’s been great; the managers have been supportive.”

Before working for Cerritos College, Chief Gallivan worked for Orange County where he worked hard and moved up the ranks of his job.

“He spent the first 10 years, as a Deputy Sheriff, working in corrections and operations before (being) promoted to the rank of sergeant,” a 2019 Falcon Day photo states.

After being a sergeant, the former Cerritos College Chief of Campus Police had many assignments from being a jail watch commander all the way to chief of police services.

Things moved by quickly when Gallivan became a lieutenant in 2004 then was promoted to captain in 2010.

Five years later, Gallivan became the Chief of Police for Cerritos College and retired in 2020.

The memorial service for Chief Gallivan will be on Friday, August 12 at 10 am at Trinity United Presbyterian Church (located at 13922 Prospect Avenue in Santa Ana, CA 92705).