Cerritos starts Spirit Week by celebrating Football


Samuel Chacko

Here’s three Falcons football players celebrating during the Super Bowl quiz that gives Starbucks gift-cards.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

Cerritos College hosted its Spirit week on Feb. 6 where tons of Falcons Football players showed up as they got free wings and answered some Super Bowl questions.

The Falcons Football team were celebrated for winning the Western State Bowl Game versus Long Beach City and going 8-3 for the season.

They first posed for some photos with some of the people showing up to support the football team then they ate some wings with the team.

“I feel like Cerritos is a big stomping ground for all the student athletes where they want to go in the future,” Falcons’ Mister Bridges (No. 13) Wide Receiver said.

“We have a strong coaching, strong athletes and we have a good chance to go all the way,” Bridges said.

The Football team were laughing and having a good time as they pass the football around with each other.

After eating some wings and playing mini-hoop basketball with each other, they played a Super Bowl Quiz on Kahoot and they get Starbucks gift cards for the players who get inside the top three.

Chris De La Cruz, Student Activities Coordinator, explained how he was able to put together Spirit Week, “It was a lot of collaboration with our Athletics program and well as the Cerritos College Foundation.”

“We wanted to make sure that we were recognizing all of our students that are involved here on campus that’s student athletes and student’s that are involved with student organizations and clubs,” De La Cruz added.

De La Cruz talked about how he feels about the players showing up, “I really appreciate the football team coming up, came up big, [and] our clubs and organizations will be trickling in as we have more activities throughout the week.”

“I hope we get the same showing from the rest of our athletes and students clubs.”

De La Cruz said to come out to Spirit Week, “We have events for the rest of the week. Tuesday we’re hosting our soccer team, Wednesday we have our wrestling team, Thursday is all our fall sports and Friday we have the big game.”

Cerritos College is continuing its Spirit Week and on Feb. 7 at 11:30 a.m. at the Library Shade, the Men’s Soccer team will be celebrating its accomplishments since they won the South Coast Conference Champions.