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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Segregation between the pro-vaxx & anti-vaxx students is wrong

CDC gives a handful of vaccines to citizens of the U.S., leaving pressure onto schools to require students to take the vaccine. Schools, like LA Charter School, are segregating minors due to vaccine enforcement. Photo credit: Creative Commons

Since the start of COVID-19, it has affected everyone worldwide. While most countries and states in the U.S. have a decrease in cases, California is still under a state of emergency due to the exponential increasing cases.

With this never-ending topic, COVID-19 is still around leaving schools with complicated and controversial rules like students having to be vaccinated and wear a mask at school leaving parents feeling confused, upset and concerned for their children.

According to an Instagram post from the ‘brothatruth‘, LA Charter School is segregating unvaccinated and vaccinated children. Unvaccinated children are behind barriers and threatened them with suspension.

In this post, is provided a photo of a tweet from the Twitter account ‘letthem_breathe’ that states that students aren’t allowed to attend class. Students were asked for chairs and asked to use the restroom, but were denied causing them to sit on the pavement.

Students who are unvaccinated do not need this punishment if they decline to take the vaccine. The Board of Education isn’t thinking about how schools are treating their students.

Photo of COVID-19 with a variety of definitions of the disease.
Student stress levels are increased during the pandemic impacting education. Additional worries come from precautions of vaccine segregation adding to mental stress in minors. Photo credit: Creative Commons

This type of treatment goes against their human rights and is concerning, people are not taking into consideration that the Board of Education can allow actions that go against constitutional rights.

The mistreatment towards students who are unvaccinated creates questions like does the government only care about decreasing cases? Does the government think about the citizens, who are dealing with the consequences, when creating new rules?

Why is the state of California allowing LA Charter School to treat students like they are dangerous to other students?

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, people can still COVID-19 and pass it on – regardless. Although the vaccine can help protect ones immune system, people can still catch it. COVID-19 has already left a scar on society and it is never going to leave.

People need to realize that even though the government is trying to decrease COVID-19 cases, especially while students are going to school, they are implementing strict rules for minors.

If the government is worried about unvaccinated and vaccinated students going to school and staying in the same area, why are they still letting kids go to school?

While the citizens cannot do much on what the government does for us, we should all try and fight for better human treatment. At least for the students who have to go to school during the pandemic.

Parents and citizens should report schools who are mistreating students to their City Councils. Everyone needs to fight for their rights and remind themselves that every individual doesn’t deserve to be treated differently despite some students being unvaccinated.

Students are already having a hard time trying to move on and grow with their lives having the pandemic on their back. While people think it’s not affecting their children, it is and segregating students based on vaccinations is going to make them feel like something is wrong with them.

What benefits would an LA Charter School, or any school get from segregating kids? We shouldn’t let schools abuse their power over minors who aren’t vaccinated, they should not be segregated.

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Jaelyn Delos Reyes, Staff Writer
Jaelyn Delos Reyes is the Community Editor of Talon Marks. She covers community, opinion, Arts and Entertainment, news. She enjoys binge watching new shows and is a Marvel fan. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in Spring 2023.
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Segregation between the pro-vaxx & anti-vaxx students is wrong