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The wealthy are the threat, not COVID-19

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Around the world, people have been affected by the deadly coronavirus that has caught everybody by surprise, especially those who aren’t fortunate enough to receive health insurance to cover the expense of such illness.

The issue itself has shifted itself from a global health scare to a personalized financial issue.

It’s unfair that the rich can have access to these high quality medicines whereas the lower-end people have to suffer without any medicines to fight the virus.

Since the outbreak, which first occurred in Wuhan, China, 3000 people have died while 42,728 people have recovered from the virus but are not completely rid of it.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) made an announcement that explains that the COVID -19 outbreak is expected to lose around 13% of a full year loss from the Asia Pacific region.

Not only has the coronavirus impacted the asian pacific region, this virus has hit countries such as France, India, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Macau and Russia.

Scientists confirmed that there is no cure for the coronavirus so far meaning people who are infected by the virus have little chance of surviving, and the medicines that can delay the virus cost too much for the middle and lower class people.

Why should the price for these medicines be so high if there just going to delay the virus?

This is a world wide scare. Drug companies need to open their eyes and realize that not every person infected with the disease can afford the medicines needed to just “delay” the virus.

In January of 2017, President Trump promised the American people that he would make drug companies lower their prices on medicines.

His promise has not yet been upheld. Drug companies keep raising their prices only for the rich to meet their prices while the middle and lower classmen must fight to get quality medicine.

Drug companies raising their prices do not care about the people who need their medicines to fight the diseases and viruses they’re facing everyday.

Drug companies defend themselves by pointing out that these annual increases in medicines are on the list price of drugs.

That is total bullshit because us lower classmen know that, that extra money we spend is going straight to the companies pockets.

Many Americans have to pay out of pocket because either their insurance deductibles reset or their insurance can’t cover the full cost for the medicines they desperately need.

What’s really shady is how pharmacy benefit managers, who are hired by insurance companies, choose which prescription drugs are covered and which ones aren’t covered.

If a person needed multiple medicines or devices, the insurance company will only cover the cheapest ones and will have the consumer pay for the most expensive medicines which is insane.

Scientists need to join together and quickly come up with a vaccine to cure the infected before the virus takes hold of more people around the world.

Drug companies need to stop being greedy and come up with an affordable solution to where any lower classmen can buy the medicines to help fight viruses.

They need to think about all the lives they can save and heal if they were to stop increasing prices on their medicines every year. It’s not worth it.

Yeah, they’ll lose a ton of money but fighting this virus along with others out there is more important than making money. They’ll be helping people who are infected with a huge favor.

Fundamental changes to the medical system need to happen!

Many medical systems in which a horrific amount of Americans owe money to, have to pay more than they should be which is clearly not helping them at all.

Any market where price increases make a product more competitive, is nobody’s idea of a functional market.

Fixing the medical system will not only help a country but the world.


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    Randy DePuyApr 8, 2020 at 9:57 am

    Complete bullshit article

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The wealthy are the threat, not COVID-19