Coaches vs. Cancer fundraiser held by Cerritos College to benefit the American Cancer Society

Rocio Rodriguez and Rocio Rodriguez

Cerritos College Athletics and the California Community College men’s and women’s basketball Coaches Association held its third annual Coaches vs. Cancer fundraiser and awareness night at Cerritos College on Friday.

The fundraiser took place during the men’s and women’s basketball game against Los Angeles Southwest College and Pasadena City College respectively.

The fundraiser benefits the American Cancer Society as it collaborates with the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) to raise awareness for coaches, their teams and the community.

Many community colleges across the state that are part of the NABC participate in raising awareness and fundraising in their own college every season.

At the end of the fundraiser all the money is collected and sent to the state where it gives the money to the American Cancer Society.

Admission to the game was free, but attendees were encouraged to make a $5 donation. In return they received a raffle ticket. The person with the winning ticket was given a chance to make a three-point basket, with the winner receiving a $50 gift card to Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ.

Cerritos College athletic director Dan Clauss said that since the gymnasium had just recently opened, there wasn’t time to put the fundraiser together and it wasn’t as big as he would want it to be.

Clauss also added that since it’s the NABC only, basketball coaches are the only ones involved with the fundraiser.

“Now that the gym is ready we will have more time to put it together and look for more sponsors,” said Clauss.

At the entrance a board was placed as the “Wall of Remembrance”. Those who donated could write a message or a name of someone who they know that has beendiagnosed with or survived cancer.

“It’s an awesome event, almost everyone participates,” said Karen Welliver, coach of the women’s basketball team.

“Our athletic director did an amazing job putting it together.”

Along with the raffle ticket money, all the money the snack bar made during the game benefitted the American Cancer Society.