Football hopes to contain win streak with homecoming game

Alexander Naveja, Associate Spors Editor

The football team currently holds a two-game winning streak and will be playing a big-league Homecoming game on Saturday against Allan Hancock College.

The team is working hard to keep its winning streak alive and to win an important league game.

“We have been coming out pretty slow so we need to come out fast, aggressive and we need to come out and score on the first possession, ” Travis Newberry said, who is the team’s running back

The team is working hard to preparing for this game in its practices, whether it’s physically or mentally.

“It’s always mental, you can tell our practices that they’re not real physical. The team that’s the smartest wins. We’re all good football players. I really concentrate on the mental game,” head coach Frank Mazzotta said.

There is also another unique way that one of the players prepared for this game and that was using film of the other team.

“I prepare by using film studies; it’s the most important thing to know what our opponent is doing, how (it)run(s) things and spend as much time in the film room as possible,”

Brandon Moody said as he explained how important film studies are to understand the plays that the other team is going to use.

The team has high expectations for this Homecoming game.

“Our thoughts right now is to play really good defense, (Allan Hancock) is a good offensive team, but we move the ball well on offense; we just need to stop making stupid mistakes and I think we will be OK,” Coach Mazzotta said, demonstrating his team’s expectations and how well the other team plays.

In every game, athletes must have some sort of game plan in order to win games, and this team indeed has a game plan.

“Our goal right now is to do what we need to do.”

“No mental errors, no penalties, nothing that is going to put us in a hole early,”

Coach Mazzotta said about his team on the keys to the game.

The game is at 7 p.m. at Falcon Stadium.