Men’s tennis falls to top-ranked Irvine Valley

Miguel Meza, Staff Writer

Following their dominant victory against Mt. San Jancito, Alvin Kim’s team suffered a blowout lost after several tightly contested matches losing 1-8 against top ranked Irvine Valley.

Prepping intensely for the game, the two teams clashed in a battle of titans, with the outcome of many of the singles being a hair away from a different result.

The only winner on the Cerritos for the day was Nikita Ketsnelson, earning a 6-4, 7-6 victory in the second position on the singles ladder.

While the columns read losses, there is a lot to take away from the day, such as the well contested rally from Oleksandr Krasnov in his 6-1 match loss following a tight 7-5 defeat.

Agustin Lombardi was a sight for sore eyes at one point, shutting down the game for a 6-1 win, however another loss and a molecularly close tiebreaker led to another loss for Cerritos despite his valiant effort.

Irvine Valley are the reigning champions, and it was painfully obvious as they played like real champions, rivaling the intensely prepared Cerritos team.

Highlights from the game includes freshmen players James Zhang and Aleks Trifunovic‘s similarly tightly contested losses, which still showcased both of the players abilities to rally with the best of them.

While Irvine Valley won the match-up, it was clear cut obvious that Cerritos had them sweating from time to time, so now we wait to see if the Falcons will perform well for the rest of the season in an attempt to exact revenge.