Women’s volleyball hopeful for season with team growth


Carlos Ruiz

Freshman Mirka Granoble setting up sophomore Bianca Smith for a quick spike down the middle. Granoble had plenty of assists during the tournament.

Carlos Ruiz, Sports Editor

After going 2-20 the previous year, women’s volleyball are on the road searching for a better season outcome.

Head coach Kari Hemmerling is excited to hop into the new season with the team almost doubling in size.

Last season there were only 10 players to the team, this time around Hemmerling has eight more players to work around.

“Last season, we had what we had, there wasn’t much wiggle room and practices didn’t get too competitive, just because there weren’t that many people to compete with for a spot,” Hemmerling said.

The team has seven returning sophomores and the core of the team is made up of freshmen.

Hemmerling believes with the team depth it creates competition for players who want a starting position.

“This year everyone is working a little bit harder, ‘Shoot, she’s playing really well. Man I gotta step it up.’, so it’s creating a good practice environment. Everyone has to be dialed in,” Hemmerling said.

TM Carlos Ruiz
Sophomore middle blocker Bianca Smith spiking the ball through the double block. Smith scored a point for her side during this play.

The team most recently played in a scoreless scrimmage tournament hosted at Cerritos College on Aug. 17.

Hemmerling took this tournament as an opportunity to create lineups and was given the chance to see what teammates work better together.

“We had an opportunity to try seven, eight, nine different lineups, so you see who works well with who and who steps up,” Hemmerling said.

She continued, “You just learn a lot, it’s gonna be easy the next couple of weeks [to see] what we really need to work on.”

TM Carlos Ruiz
Sophomore right-side hitter Nancy Lumbreras with a dig. Lumbreras was the previous libero of the team.

Hemmerling is excited to go into the season with the options she’s been giving, she’s set small goals as small as getting 1 percent better every day.

The team is still getting to know each other, building relationships as they move through the season.

“The season’s so green still, they have a lot of time to get to know each other,” Hemmerling said.

The season is right around the corner and Hemmerling says the team is gonna have to be ready.

TM Carlos Ruiz
Sophomore outside hitter Nadia Arreaga rolling the ball deep into the right side. Arreaga is playing on the outside for her last season.

Sophomore outside hitter Nadia Arreaga is feeling prepared for the start of the season, along with her team building competitiveness since summer.

“I’m excited to see what we can do, especially with new girls on the team,” Arreaga said.

Her goal this season is to go into every match without feeling regret of not doing my best.

“It’s my last season playing at Cerritos. The last thing I want to be telling myself is how much I didn’t work for something and dwelling over it,” Arreaga said.

The Cerritos College women’s volleyball team will play an away match at Santa Ana College on Aug. 24.