Ballot #1 President Christian Pena

Q: What measures will you take to learn about student concerns at large and how will you address those concerns?

A: “I have always known that it is extremely important for the Student Body President to understand and represent concerns of the students. During our term, my Vice Presidential candidate, Leslie Mbara, and I want to:  1. Work with Campus Police to make the school safer (especially for students that feel unsafe walking to their cars when taking night classes). 2. Support disabled student programs. 3. Support the custodial staff to make Cerritos safe and sanitary amidst the chaos caused by Covid 19 (clean bathrooms, wipe down desks, etc.).  4. Open lines of communication between students and the student government to effectively represent concerns of the students. Leslie and I have built our platform by reaching out to students to see what improvements would most meaningfully impact the student experience at Cerritos College. We understand that these are representative positions, and the most important aspect of the ASCC President’s and Vice President’s duties are to give a voice to the students’ concerns.”

Q: What do you think you can realistically accomplish in your term?

A: “I want to start with realistic goals I know we can accomplish to make student life better at Cerritos College. For example, I want to improve bathroom sanitation across campus by offering sufficient support to the custodial staff. Once school returns to normal, we will more than ever need to help the custodians to keep the school clean. Something that multiple students have brought to my attention is that the fountains in the quad constantly run during Spring and Summer times. This becomes a huge issue because when the sun sets, the fountains attract swarms of mosquitoes. As someone who is very allergic to mosquitoes, I think turning off the fountains at dawn, during mosquito season, is a very good idea if it can be done. I also want to work on alternative means to make books more affordable to students.”

Q: In regard to COVID-19, if elected how do you plan on going about this  position’s duties and continuing to work with all groups on campus despite social distancing measures?

A: “As Director of Student Services, I currently serve on a Committee working to organize a movie night for students through online streaming. Although the collective isolation complicates matters, it is now more important than ever for students to be involved. This requires that they have the means to necessary technology in order for them to thrive. This is a privilege that many students are not afforded. I will work to fix this and to make sure students have access to devices that are necessary for participation in class and club meetings. One of the President’s duties is to select Cabinet members and run Cabinet meetings. I will select my Cabinet with people who have a different perspective from my own. The best way to grow is through listening and understanding different viewpoints. Together we will ensure students are given necessary devices. As a member of multiple clubs and an active member of the student body, I have already developed connections and made friendships with leaders of various clubs. Through these connections, I will continue to meet more amazing students with a multitude of interests, despite social distancing measures.”

Closing Statement:

“In order to respect the voters time, I will keep my closing statement brief. I deeply care about improving life for those I would be representing. I recognize Cerritos College has given me the opportunity to thrive as a student, which is why I am excited to help students by representing their concerns.  Most importantly, I understand that these are strange and trying times and that the election for Student Leadership positions may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. So no matter how you vote, I hope everybody stays safe.”