Ballot #1 Vice President Leslie Mbara

Q: As a leader of the senate, how would you encourage healthy discussion in the Senate between senators and other speakers?

A: “I believe a healthy discussion is one in which all participants are able to speak about an issue freely, understand them fully, and consider them honestly. Then they can come together with solutions and secure support from everybody. As a leader, setting a comfortable, respectful and professional environment is a key point for encouraging healthy discussion. By letting them know for starters that we are in this together, and I myself don’t have the whole answer but together we can find it. That will require each member to acknowledge that others bring their own wisdom to the table, and that we are all making it happen together!”

Q: How do you plan to expand student involvement beyond students in ASCC to students at large?

A: “With the amount of organizations, benefits, and resources that Cerritos College offers, they are not as introduced to students unless they know someone in government or in the program. I plan to put in place a more effective outreach methods, for example in campus using large posters, or a campus sms platforms that go straight to their phones and each month hosting an event to shares the advantages of been more involved in campus as well providing tips on how to be more involved and manage our school time, how it will benefits them not only academically but also on a personal development level and career wise in their future. In a virtual case I plan to reach out to department and organizations to create an email to students on what is happening on campus and how they can participate as well and be involved.”

Q: In regard to COVID-19, if elected how do you plan on going about this position’s duties and continuing to work with all groups on campus despite social distancing measures? 

A: “The advancement of technology even more in this current time has been extremely helpful to all, by keeping us connected and staying updated. I believe more than ever communication and support is what will help us get through this situation as smoothly as possible. Keeping in mind that not all students have access to the necessary materials such as computers, tablets or webcam, or might not know how to use them, and the fact that many are currently unemployed, I plan to work with the computer department to rent technology devices for those who need them. As well as offering virtual tutorial meetings to provide guidance on how to use them if needed. I would create a list of each resources into an email or create an announcement class page on Canvas to inform students about any informations and events as well as all the resources in campus so they get the guidance they need and despite all still have a successful semester.”

Closing Statement:

You matter, your opinion and input matters. I am sincerely aiming to the very best of my abilities, with this opportunity to even better represent Cerritos College students, to contribute in helping you thrive as students, as I myself have the chance too, and have an even more great experience. Thank you for your time. Take care and stay safe!”