Social media benefits students in the classroom

Kristopher Carrasco

It’s safe to say that many people have a smart phone and at least one form of social media.

Often times people use social media for a variety of things, but how effective is it in a teaching environment.

According to, social media can be used in many ways as a teaching tool.

Marcela Lopez, a teacher’s assistant in the LA county school district, uses Twitter as a way to connect with her high school students.

“Often times, students forget the homework or what they’ve learned in class. So I use this as a way to stay connected.”

Lopez says her account that she shares with students is mainly used for class or school related posts.

Should professors be using social media more to stay connected?

There are several professors on campus that use social media as tools to stay connected with students

Because educators deal with a variety of different students each year, the use of social media seems to be growing.

Cerritos College uses which is a site that allows students to check grades, make posts and utilize resources the professor provides for them.

While this can act as a social media tool to stay connected, not many professors use it, and students have limited interaction.

Eliott Martinez, undecided major, says, “I think it would help with staying updated. Let’s say class is cancelled or you forgot the homework, all you have to do is check Twitter.”