The Harry Potter films are in order of the magical adventure created by J.K. Rowling. Photo credit: Alexia Naranjo
The Harry Potter films are in order of the magical adventure created by J.K. Rowling. Photo credit: Alexia Naranjo

Why you should marathon Harry Potter

For a variety of reasons, many individuals love viewing the Harry Potter flicks. The films are incredibly fascinating and may immerse themselves in this magnificent other world for a few hours.

Viewers get to know these characters so well that they feel like actual people. It feels like reuniting with an old friends after several viewings.

In the films, viewers feel as if they are right there with them making the movies impactful and emotional.

Due to the the films depiction of characters maturing from young children to young adults, many fans grew up alongside their favorite characters.

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This may have influenced some younger viewers to be less fearful of growing up into adults because their favorite characters were doing so at the same time.

The films also transports fans into another universe – one where we visit each time we watch a film in the series.

These movies give viewers a sense of hope, helping them comprehend that no matter how bad a situation becomes, there is always a good chance that it will get better again.

Many people are not fans of fantasy films but sometimes we need to watch a fantasy movie to feel calm and improve our spirits. When one watches Harry Potter, they are transported to another universe.

It’s not that the protagonist (Harry Potter played by Daniel Radcliffe) doesn’t have problems in his life, but the way he handles them with a positive attitude is admirable.

The wonderful thing about these films is that they tell a tale that doesn’t finish when the narrative does. It always leaves viewers with assumptions and projections about what is to come next.

Furthermore, there are several twists in throughout each and every film. Other shorter subplots contribute to the incident of Potter’s murder, including those of Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Sybill Trelawney and others.

The audience gets to enjoy characters in the story that weave these versions to form one concrete story and make the watch even more entertaining.

People enjoy witnessing the fantastic effects, the enchantments flying across the displays, people battling with wands and colorful strikes, and humans disappearing.

They just have an amazing and eye-catching storyline that catches many eyes and makes people want to watch all 8 films.

The movies continue to be a topic of conversation, and bring so many people into engaging conversations about what happens in all 8 films.

Movies that are good conversation topics, are always worth the watch and will keep people at the edge of their seat.

Overall, the film leaves viewers with a pleasant, wonderful sensation that makes them want to watch the remainder of the films in order.

If people ever want to have the Harry Potter experience, they may binge-watch the movies on HBO Max and begin your incredible trip.

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