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Equalizer 3 astonishes spectators

Justice must prevail as Denzel Washington will take the role as Robert McCall for a third time to take matters into his own hands.
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The official Equalizer 3 movie poster.

Equalizer 3 made its theatrical debut and came out to theaters on Sept. 1 and it did not disappoint.

What an astonishing film, spectators are in for a thrill with some mystery, action, and suspense.

I’d give Equalizer 3 four stars out of five because I love the way the writer of the movie added a twist to the end of the movie and how he tied the storyline to the second Equalizer movie.

Audiences everywhere are raving about the movie with a 95% audience score and 75% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film takes place on the island of Sicily, Italy filled with majestic shorelines, temples in the region and unity among the people.

While you’re sitting down you might find yourself digging your fingernails deep into your seat while Denzel Washington stops the clock once again to warn the opponent of what’s to come to them.

The beginning of the movie starts inconclusive but follows with great action scenes as we are introduced to Sicilian mobsters.

This time he will embark on a chase for justice all around diversified cities of Italy where his character Robert McCall will fight crime, find a new home and may encounter romance of his own.

McCall guides a new CIA agent, Emma Collins played by Dakota Fanning to a big drug ring that is exporting narcotics through the ports of Italy for her to take down.

There were lots of unfamiliar faces playing new roles as the Quaranta Mob, in which certain events and characters of the Quaranta Mob are loosely based on the real Camorra syndicate in Italy.

McCall is portrayed as the Robinhood who defends at no cost to give back to people who deserve it.

Actors such as Remo Girone, who plays the role of Dr. Enzo Arisio, help McCall look after the citizens of Altamonte, Italy.

On the island of Sicily McCall will surpass all extents to protect others at no cost.

The Quaranta Mob better be prepared for their American guest who will be watching closely their every move.

Which will leave an extensive trail of blood everywhere he passes through.

The film is directed by Antoine Fuqua who originally had started as director of music videos for artists such as Stevie Wonder and many more.

Fuqua made his directorial movie debut in 2001 with the movie Training Day which also stars actor Denzel Washington.

The film Equalizer 3 was written by Richard Wenk who also wrote Equalizer and Equalizer 2.

Wenk follows the trajectory of the two previous Equalizer movies and connects the storyline to Equalizer 3.

Wenk wrote the movie in a way that left spectators having to put the puzzle pieces together throughout the film for them to understand the end of the movie.

The twist at the end of the film is amazing, you must follow the path of clues throughout the movie, and you see the two previous Equalizer films to truly understand the ending of Equalizer 3.

This movie is said to the be the final of the Equalizer trilogy and it definitely did not disappoint.

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Melissa Clemente is a co-sports & photo editor for Talon Marks who you may see juggling around campus after coming from working front line in FHCCGLA community clinic. To cover a variety of local news and sports stories.
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