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‘Black Adam’ is one of the better superhero movies

Black Adam is here!!!
Black Adam’s powers are electrifying and this photo was created in Jan. of 2017.

“Black Adam” was released to theaters on Oct. 21 and while its high audience score is high from 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, the more professional reviews were more negative side.

However, “Black Adam” is one of the better movies that I’ve seen in the superhero genre.

The movie built a good plot and storyline, the characters were emotion-grabbing and was great!

Not to give too much away but this movie is a classic superhero movie where the good guy wins, the bad guy loses.

“Black Adam” is built from the ground up

This movie gives the impression that the protagonist “Black Adam” is like the neutral superhero “Spawn” a dark-like villain who still protects people.

The film was different from the rest of the DC superhero movies because it shows the villain’s perspective and not the hero’s first as they normally would do.

I was shocked that the movie was actually good because I was expecting a generic superhero DC film where the hero always wins and the villain dies.

Black Adam is the old saying “All heroes don’t wear capes,” his attitude is to kill or be killed by anyone who stands in his way.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did an amazing job in this movie his demeanor is flawless and shows little motion towards his appearance.

The characters that were also in this movie made it even better to enjoy watching.

Doctor Fate played by Pierce Brosnan did excellent in this film, it took me by surprise because I didn’t expect the acting to be this good.

Not to spoil any scenes of the movie but some people you just may have heard about or even seen.

Black Adam’s powers are one of the far most impressive that I have ever seen in the DC universe, not to exaggerate but he is pretty impressive.

With the power of flight, electricity and many more, he can be easily compared to Superman one could say just a dark version of him.

Of all the heroes in DC “Black Adam,” Black Adam’s name can hold some weight on it his abilities, which came from the gods of shazam but he wanted to save his people from a tyrant years ago.

Black Adam’s story is better than any superhero in terms of why he got this great power even though he is deemed as a bad person he just had bad luck being a slave and born into poverty.

This is how you make a superhero movie and this was amazing.

I would watch this again with my family so they can see how good it was.

I would give this film an excellent rating because of the story of his origin story and the action that Black Adam has brought to make the audience feel better about action movies.

Dwayne Johnson was the perfect choice for this movie the amount of fighting that he brought to this film was off the charts and was great hope we can get a sequel out of this one.

To vaguely give the theme of this film and offer zero spoilers, it would be the quote, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

I would give this rating a nine out of 10 because of the backstory and amazing plot of the film.

If you haven’t watched it, we highly recommend you watch it, which the movie is still in theaters as of now!

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‘Black Adam’ is one of the better superhero movies