The beauty behind ‘Creed III’

Michael B. Jordan attends the European premiere of Creed III at Cineworld Leicester Square, London. Picture date: Wednesday February 15, 2023.

Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

Michael B. Jordan attends the European premiere of Creed III at Cineworld Leicester Square, London. Picture date: Wednesday February 15, 2023.

Michael Delgado, Staff Writer

“Creed III” is a wonderful film, which added yet another banger to what is already one of the best trilogies in film history.

This film goes deeper into the roots of the main character Adonis Creed played by Michael B. Jordan in a way the first two films did not.

It was an action-packed movie with great shots from the fight scenes but also a very heartwarming and emotional movie as we learn more about Adonis from his younger days as a teen.

This movie was a bit different from these others as it was directed by the main actor himself, Michael B. Jordan who did an amazing job on and off the screen.

With it being known there was going to be no Rocky inclusion in the film due to Stallone not being a big fan of the film’s creative direction, fans were skeptical about how the movie would turn out.


The film came out just great and exceeded expectations; Now, of course, the film was not perfect.

Some things could have been done better: the build-up for the main fight could have been longer; Due to what was going on in the film, it was understandable.

One of the best scenes of every past Rocky and Creed movie is always the montage of the two fighters training and preparing for the main event and Creed III was no different.

With the record label ‘Dreamville’ producing the soundtrack of the film, you know the montage was guaranteed to be great and it was.

J. Cole rapped over a Dr. Dre-produced beat and seeing the two fighters train and prepare the montage was fun, it got you ready for the main event.

The main fight of the movie was arguably the best of the trilogy as it had some amazing shots and although it was a film it felt real in a way.

There was so much emotion that went into this scene and it felt so much different from the previous fight scenes.

Creed III was the most successful film in terms of the box office of the three films as it shattered their previous record of $35.5 million in 2018 for Creed III with this film reaching $58.6 million.

The film received a score of 87% on rotten tomatoes but an amazing 96% audience score which is the highest audience score of the three films.

Creed III was an amazing movie and one of the best sports movies in film history it has action, emotions and heartfelt moments that make you appreciate the film even more.

So it begs the question, when will there be a Creed IV?

Based on the ending, it may be up in the air but after watching Creed III, the need for another movie is there.

If Creed IV is made and it’s another great movie, we may need to start having the conversation of Creed being the best boxing movie series and not Rocky.

Overall, Creed III is a solid 8/10 not perfect but a movie that is worth checking out for yourself.