‘Paranormal Activity 4’ is a wicked scare for audiences


Alex played by Kathryn Newton video chats with her boyfriend Ben while her neighbor Robbie stands by her door. Paranormal Activity 4 lacked tension as in previous films.

Eduardo Alvarado

Since its first film, the “Paranormal Activity” franchise has kept movie watchers everywhere on the edge of their seats and with its newest sequel “Paranormal Activity 4, ” the franchise remains as strong.

As usual, the first act of the film seems to be a bit boring explaining the back story and foreshadowing what viewers can expect in the film.

Thankfully though, the film brings a lot more laughs in this installment that seemed to be lacking in the previous all thanks to Matt Shively’s character Ben.

The film includes an awesome feature that the Xbox Kinect contains, but soon after watching the film it may be having many Xbox Kinect owners completely turning off their game systems before heading to bed.

The film contains door slamming, a chandelier falling, knife throwing, people being tossed around the room, and a wicked ending scaring audience members and leaving them at awe hoping for yet another “Paranormal Activity” sequel, which is more than likely to follow.

The film itself overall did not deliver as much suspense and scares as the previous installments and lacked the build-up tension as seen in the films before.

For those who have a thirst of being scared during this Halloween season might want to check out “Paranormal Activity 4” while in