Haunted Hollywood Sports Walkthrough | Cerritos College Night | GoPro

Denny Cristales and Daniel Linares

Denny Cristales and Daniel Linares

We went to Haunted Hollywood Sports and attached a GoPro to ourselves and shot up some zombies and went through some mazes. We even put it on one of the monsters, too! Take a look.

Cerritos College Night for Haunted Hollywood Sports was held Friday, Oct. 3. For one night, students at Cerritos College were able to get in for 50 percent off.

Editors Note: There is no night vision function on our GoPro, so some of the footage came out a bit dark.

Full story here: https://www.talonmarks.com/arts/2014/10/05/hollywood-sports-cerritos-night-spooks-with-exotic-mazes-gimmicks/