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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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What to expect at the ultimate festival: Tropicalia

Among the many music festivals that happen in Southern California, Tropicalia Music and Taco Festival is welcoming a wide variety of upcoming artists and bands to perform this year. The two-day music festival will take place in the city of Long Beach on Nov. 3 – 4 at the Queen Mary.

There are upcoming performances by the psychedelic-vintage queen; Kali Uchis, popular Latino soul band; Chicano Batman and alternative 90’s rock band; Mazzy star.

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Weekend passes start from $299 and up, while the single-day passes start from $99-$150.

The prices may be high, but the tickets are selling out faster than your abuela’s green salsa tamales.

Goldenvoice, the producer and promoter of Tropicalia, allowed payment plans this year for those of you who are destined to see Morrissey before you die.

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This particular festival captures the many musical genres that are fully embraced here in the city of Los Angeles. It would be an understatement to only categorize the food-infested event as a single genre music festival.

Along with other in-demand performances Kali Uchis, the Colombian-American singer, is said to be the most highly anticipated performer this year.

She casts a spell over her audience as she enchants them with her femme-fatal aesthetic and her gifted belly dancing.

Inter-generational bands like Los Angeles Azules are set to make a live performance at the festival as well.

Los Angeles Azules will give you that nostalgic feeling of growing up in a Mexican household and being woken up with the smell of chorizo and Pine-Sol on a Sunday morning.

Los Angeles-based band Chicano Batman, is making an appearance to give the audience a mix of Latin-American soul and rhythms of psychedelic funk.

The band has recently released their album “Freedom is Free” which incorporates 60’s and 70’s R&B and gives you music to contemplate and grove at the same time.

They induce their audience members with organic sounds strumming from guitarist Carlos Arèvalos and singer/pianist Bardo Martinez.

There are numerous amounts of unique genres that are playing at the festival ranging from reggaeton, 60’s soul, ska, punk, rap, cumbia, and hip-hop.

Who would have imagined that the no-filter “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi-B and the norteño kings, Los Angeles Azules would ever share a stage?

Southern California is known for its many cultural music mash-ups that makes it appropriate to have many well-known bands and artists perform and share one stage uniting many people together at this multi-ethnic festival.

It is emphasized that the sunny state of California is also well-known for its high temperatures. Temperatures of 80 degree can be brutal, especially if you’re at an event with thousands of people surrounding you.

The sun will certainly beat down on you and will reduce your energy to dance. Be prepared with high SPF sunscreen and water jugs.

A simple bottle of water could cost you about $5.00, which is way too overpriced. It is best if you take your own water supply at these events because the producers of the event provide water-refill stations.

Of course you’ll need to save some money for food as well, thankfully Tropicalia provides a smorgasbord of taco trucks.

Last year, the festival had a vegan-friendly taco truck named, “Green Truck” which made seasoned jack fruit tacos topped with plentiful amounts of cabbage drizzled with chipotle barbecue sauce.

For you fish-frenzied taco fans, “Barres Baja Fish Tacos” will serve typical battered deep fried fish tacos with cabbage and creamy sauce.

The best tacos will be present serving marinated pork tacos and mulitas. “Carnitas El Momo” had mulitas, which as quesadilla-type dish stuffed with pork, cilantro onions and a lot of Mexican cheese.

Attending this event will surely bring those cumbia dance moves on the spot, so take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy some tacos and great music at this event.

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What to expect at the ultimate festival: Tropicalia