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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Surf City Blitz gonna dry your eyes!

SoCal punk rock bands came together on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28 at Huntington Beach hosted by Frosty, Heidi & Frank from radio station 95.5 KLOS.

Everyone was welcomed at the event, ages ranged from an older couple wearing matching Surf City Blitz merch to the younger generation of fans rocking their patched-up vests and colorful mohawks.

It was unique to see how punk rock fans of all ages bonded over the music they love and excitedly waited for their favorite band to perform later that evening.

Once fans were in the event there was a lot to explore. The first attraction was the Art Walk presented by Husqvarna motorcycles.

A collection of art and photography of the famous musicians like Jim Morrison and pictures like tanned men and women surfing along the the ocean’s blue waves, giving it a west coast vibe that many California locals are familiar with.

In the center of it all, a van was on display covered with stickers from notable rock bands like Black Flag and The Descendents.

Van covered with stickers by well known rock bands Photo credit: Karen Miramontes

Aside from the art walk, motorcycles from Husqvarna were presented to the public, not to ride, but to admire the gears and style of the motorcycles.

Surf City Blitz partnered up with The Moto Beach Classic’s world-class motorcycle racing presented by Roland Sands hosting their first Super Hooligan 2018 National Championship Tour on the sand.

Booze and comfort foods were served at the festival, with the exception of people smoking cigarettes and sneaking in joints for a more relaxing experience as they play beach games and enjoy the the afternoon tunes.

When the bleachers were full, many dirt bike loving fans stood close enough to see and root for the riders as they sipped their beers and munched on their favorite comfort food.

On Sunday, up-and-coming bands 2nd Rate Kings, Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Wrecks, and The Interrupters kicked off the afternoon with a bang! Once the Interrupters sang they’re most notable songs, “Title Holder” and “She’s Kerosene,” the crowd went berserk!

The most eccentric people would rush into the pit while other fans moved side to side as they sang along to their favorite songs, some children were carried on the shoulders of their guardians having the best view out of the rest.

A child listening to Bad Religion as he sits on his guardian’s shoulders. Photo credit: Karen Miramontes

The highlight of the night was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Bad Religion, Rancid, and Social Distortion finally performing on stage.

Rancid brought the hype and adrenaline with their fast paced music and chanting the lyrics of “Fall Back Down” and “Ruby Soho” many fans jumped into the pit while some fans were crowd surfing.

The most notable sight of the evening was when Social Distortion finally performed, the moment fans were all waiting for, singing, their most popular songs like “Don’t Take Me For Granted” and “Story of My Life.”

The most memorable part of the performance was when Social Distortion’s lead singer, Mike Ness, brought in his son, Julian Ness, to play one of their famous songs with them. The look Mike Ness gave to his son really puts a smile to all the fans.

Julian Ness (left) on the guitar as his father Mike Ness from Social Distortion (right) sings along. Photo credit: Karen Miramontes

Fans smiled and sang along to their lyrics not wanting the music to end, but eventually it came to an end. Everyone drunkenly stumbled away from the sand as the music faded away leaving everyone with a smile on their face waiting for the next time they play again.

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Karen Miramontes
Karen Miramontes, Staff Writer
Karen Miramontes is a staff writer at Cerritos College’s newspaper Talon Marks. After Cerritos she wants to transfer to Cal State Fullerton or Long Beach to major in journalism. She is passionate about film, music, and all things entertainment.
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Surf City Blitz gonna dry your eyes!