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Netflix’s ‘Ted Bundy Tapes’ series leaves a shocking revelation

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Theodore Bundy watches intently during the third day of jury selection at his trial. Event took place in Orlando for the murder of 12-year-old Kimberly Leach.

Known as the 30th anniversary of Ted Bundy’s death by electric chair, Netflix premiered the most compelling yet horrific four-part docuseries “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” on Jan. 24.

The documentary series fulfills an explanation of how this convicted rapist and mass murderer was capable of avoiding the authorities as he committed over 30 homicides within several states.

True-crime experts get the opportunity to hear various excerpts never before released interviews during the time that Bundy was on death row.

Although the details upon the murders were enough to leave the audience petrified, the docuseries becomes even more chilling with never before heard snippets of audio of Bundy conversing with journalist Stephen Michaud.

Bundy had a college degree in psychology and great knowledge of the subject, Michaud persuaded him to address his crimes from third person, as though he was the expert on the murderous persona.

Spoken in a calm and collected voice, Bundy described his behavior intelligently as if he were an expert.

It may be possible that the reason why Bundy seems unsettling to listen to in conversation would be because of how easily he gets you to forget about the despicable sadism that he’s inflicted upon his victims.

Bundy is considered to be a mild-mannered guy you would see sharing a cold one with before realizing that he was providing a brief description of the location of the decapitated bodies of his victims.

If the details are put to the side, Bundy sounds like any other privileged white male who in fact does overestimate his own respectability and importance, with confidence in believing he has the god-given right to do anything.

The Netflix series shares interviews that includes Bundy’s friends, classmates, past girlfriends, and even his minister, who all repeatedly stated that he was a charismatic, clean-cut, handsome individual who went to church.

If compared to “The Deliberate Stranger,” which overly romanticizes the captivating personality that Bundy attracted his victims with, the new and improved Netflix docuseries doesn’t for the least try to glorify him with the mentions of his charms and good looks.

The series is sure to show that Bundy’s own ego could have been his demise.

There are also moments in which Bundy has his sheepish stumbles throughout his discussions of his crimes. This tone he carries is similar to the tone of various men who use it to excuse their bad behavior from the past such as the shrug used with the phrase “boys will be boys.”

Moving on from the countless truly disturbing moments, it can be said that the newness of the material the series advertises, feels a little bit overstated.

For those who share much information upon the case, will greatly be disappoint according to the amount of time that’s spent on a cursory summary of Bundy’s Case rather than the tapes compared to the uninformed audience who want to explore a chilling moment of history.

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Netflix’s ‘Ted Bundy Tapes’ series leaves a shocking revelation