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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Saudi Grajeda creates looks that will spark the color inside

The ‘BlendingBruja’ in Hermosa Beach
Rebecca Aguila
Grajeda makes sure that every color is captured when her client models their new do. Photo credit: Rebecca Aguila

A young Latina hairstylist starts her day by greeting her pups, Frida and Ebin, and listening to reggae. She makes her way to Mimosa Hair salon in Hermosa Beach where work is an art form.

With four years of experience, Saudi Grajeda is an aspiring hairstylist whose color composition and pigmentation create an everlasting smile on her clients who wanted a bit of change and hue to their life.

Grajeda is making headlines on social media with her career as she blesses her audience with hair that is bouncy, radiant and beyond any color combination, anyone could have ever thought of.

Her hands and smock are tainted with her dye as she finishes up another client who is bound to be happy with their colorful result.

What does an average workday look like for Grajeda?

With an assistant, the artist is able to work on up to six colors a day. Without one, she can do up two colors because of the amount of time it requires to get the blends just right.

While she admits to being impatient, she loves the process because “it’s so relaxing.”

Miss Grajeda has been wanting to do a colorful project that she’s been saving for a while and will be modeled by Jocelyn Marie Pena. A very bright, almost neon yellow followed by a pinkish tone which is then blended in with a deep purple and a royal blue at the edges.

The entire process took about four hours and the outcome was well worth the wait.

“The person’s reaction when they say they love their hair is always an instant sigh of relief,” says Saudi. It’s always a pleasure to make a client feel beautiful and that’s what Saudi’s goal is every time who works on a new color project.

Grajeda attended El Camino College where she first found out she had a true talent for hair styling and coloring.

“I love making people feel beautiful,” she added.

Saudi is always enjoys going to work where she can create her looks to life.

“I didn’t even know I was going to be doing this in the future,” mentions Saudi when asked if she had envisioned herself becoming a hairstylist.

Saudi adds, “I was supposed to go to art school and ended up hating art classes. My mom convinced me to go to beauty school when I wanted to stop going to art school.”

The art school she was supposed to go to was in San Francisco, but she decided against it due to the fact that it was “so expensive.”

However, she learned how to create almost any color by using the art class to a full extent once she enrolled in the beauty course. This makes clients feel like they can go to Saudi and know they are going to get their hair color they’ve envisioned for a while.

Saudi Describes what is was like to first enter her first beauty course at El Camino college. (Kianna Znika)

Grajeda wants to ensure that people will leave Mimosa hair salon with knowledge on how they can take care of their hair, whether it be a simple hair cut or a full-on color makeover.

Either way, she is a local artist who is all about pursuing a creative lifestyle and brightening the lives (and hair) of those around her.

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Rebecca Aguila, Multimedia Editor
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Saudi Grajeda creates looks that will spark the color inside