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Wakanda Forever: ‘Black Panther’ best Marvel film so far

The moment Marvel fans have been waiting for is finally here. “Black Panther” is now playing in theaters and it is not only an important film culturally, it’s also exciting, dramatic and amazing in a way we don’t see very often in action films.

Director Ryan Coogler did an incredible job directing the film.

“Black Panther” is a film carrying loads of anticipation for the audience.

The first black solo hero in the Marvel cinematic universe, bringing an African character to the big screen and nailing it, a cast and crew that is above all people of color, and yet the movie carries its weight like it isn’t a big deal.

The entire cast did a great job. We all knew that Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa and Black Panther, made an impressive presence after “Captain America: Civil War,” but he is extravagant here as well.

He was passionate and brave, he’s a very intelligent character, very thoughtful he thinks things through, he carries himself like a king and is phenomenal in a way that says he is straight off dangerous.

The women in this film were incredible, this film would not have been the same without these phenomenal fighting women. They were so strong and so kickass, because of the way they fought for what they believed in. The way they used technology, it was so inspiring. We don’t see a whole lot of that and if we do it’s usually one female. They have their own storylines and their own personalities.

Lupita Nyong’o is the spy Nakia, who is inherently a female James Bond for the Marvel universe but with better fighting expertise. She is also a warrior and an amazing one, the way you see her fight men for her country, for her people it’s fabulously inspiring.

Letitia Wright is T’Challa’s sister Shuri and she steals every scene, there is not a scene that she appears in where she doesn’t make you laugh.

She was so intelligent, she used technology in a way that was so cool. Especially being someone who was so young doing things like that, it was awesome to watch.

Danai Gurira is instantly commanding as the General Okoye. Gurira’s character was a badass. She was T’Challa’s right hand woman, She’s loyal to Wakanda and to the throne. She’s a woman of honor, she believes in her country, in the system and in her monarchy.

It’s about time the villains luster in this film.

Andy Serkis is without a doubt having fun as Ulysses Klaue. Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger gives an incredible performance, he steps up the bar for villains.

It’s tough to make a villain who is concealed in scars understanding, but this movie does it. Even if his ways are a bit ultimate, you immediately have knowledge of why he’s so angry.

Wakanda is gorgeously done in a way that we don’t get to see often in Marvel films like this. It took the movie over the edge, the color, the culture, the technology; it was all well constructed and they didn’t just spend 10 min. there.

A lot of the film is about and takes place in Wakanda, it makes you feel like a place you want to visit, it’s magical.

At moments, Asgard and sometimes the worlds in “Guardians of the Galaxy” don’t feel “lived in”. You look at these people and nothing about living there seems existent or even adequate.

Wakanda, however, feels like something that people could live in. The moments in the city where we see the flutter streets feel real, they made this world beautiful.

Everything about this film is amazing, the cinematography was beautiful, the design features of the film, the amazing performances. It was fun to watch, there were funny moments when necessary.

The music was incredibly breathtaking, it went with every scene of the movie.

“Black Panther” had high expectations to meet and carried them easily. This film is going to be important not just for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but movie-making and film culture itself. Having black actors or ethnic minority actors in films was a small percentage and this was the breaking point, because all of the main cast was black. This movie taught about black culture and it was beautiful.

This film is hands down a 10 out of 10.

Wakanda Forever.


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Wakanda Forever: ‘Black Panther’ best Marvel film so far