ASCC elects new president and vice president


Courtesy of Gabriela Brandon

Sandra Aubunio (left) and Ethan McLaughlin (right) on campus during the campaign. Both are freshman,

Jacqueline Cochran, News Editor

Sandra Abundio has been elected ASCC president and Ethan McLaughlin has been elected ASCC vice president by the Cerritos College student body.

The newly elected duo will assume their respective positions May 24, after the student inauguration, which will be held during the ASCC Awards Ceremony on May 14.

Both freshman expressed their excitement to be chosen to represent the students of Cerritos. “When I received the email with the election results, I could not believe it.

“I feel blessed to be granted the position and its heartwarming to know that the student body saw my potential to represent Cerritos in a positive way,” said Abundio.

McLaughlin, the 19 year old Economics major, said, “Winning feels kind of surreal and a bit nerve racking, if I’m being honest. It’s such a big position.

But I am incredibly excited for the challenge and to be working with a lot of great people in the student government and, of course, President Elect Abundio.”

President Elect Abundio indicated that the first thing she will concentrate on after assuming the presidency is to brainstorm ways to ensure the safety protocols will be consistently obeyed for students and professors that will return to campus this fall.

“I feel that the safety of the students comes first and once we figure out the safest possible way for 50% of the student body to come back on campus, we can finally begin creating new opportunities, new resources and improving existing resources for all students attending Cerritos College,” Abundio said.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down areas where people gather, including colleges. According to McLaughlin, the newly elected duo is also concerned with improving networking opportunities for students.

“It would be great to create an easy way for students to be able to talk with other students who are on a similar journey as them when it comes to career or transfer goals,” McLaughlin said. ‘We think it will be a great support for students to help them accomplish their future goals.”

Abundio and McLaughlin will hold their elected position for one academic year, which will run from summer 2021 through spring 2022.

“As long as they are eligible they will maintain their role,” said Diana Madueno, Elections Committee Advisor and Student Events Specialist.

Ninel Sutherland, who ran unopposed, was also elected as student trustee. Student Trustee’s responsibilities include attending Board of Trustee meetings that are held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and the ASCC meetings, held every Wednesday at 2 p.m.

Vice President Elect McLaughlin loves boxing and is hoping to also get back to it now that the pandemic is starting to get under control.

Abundio is an 18 year old business major and has not decided on which concentration she will choose. “I’m still deciding between accounting, finance, economics or management information systems,” she said.

“When I’m not studying, I like to invest in stocks, play tennis and hang out with family and friends,” she said.

For more information about the ASCC or how you can get involved in student government visit Cerritos College website.