It’s official: Dawn Green becomes Cerritos College’s first Black female board member


Samuel Chacko

Trustee Dawn Green is looking at the person who swore her in, Isadore Hall III, who’s part of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) and part of the Omega Sci-Fi fraternity.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

The Board of Trustees held their usual board meeting on Nov. 16 at 7 p.m., recognizing now Trustee Dawn Green, among other huge accomplishments in men’s soccer and employees of the month.

Ph.D. Isadore Hall III swore in Dawn Green, who’s part of the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) and part of the Omega Sci-Fi fraternity.

“First of all congratulations […] as a member of the ALRB for the State of California […], I can tell you that one of the most privileged things a person can do is serve their community,” Hall III said.

Hall III added, “With your humility […] and your love for the community, [I know] you’re going to do an outstanding job.”

Trustee Dawn Green said that she feels amazing, “I am ready for this new journey, this new opportunity, I’m ready to get in and begin the work!”

“I’m just thankful and I have to definitely keep on the work that Trustee Avalos did in her 14 years and I’m just excited to keep the spirit going,” she said as she’s smiling, “As she’s passing the torch and I’m glad the torch landed in my hands.”

She said she’ll celebrate the accomplishment by, “Going to the board meeting! My first board meeting!” with joy and a huge smile on her face.

“I just want to thank everyone for the warm welcome that I received,” she said, “I feel honored to be here and be a part of [the] Cerritos College district.”

The President of Cerritos College, Dr. Jose Fierro, said that Trustee Green is really great and is very passionate about education.

“As a College Administrator herself, I think she will be able to quickly understand the dynamics of the district, look at our budgets, everything,” Dr. Fierro said.

“I think she’ll get on her feet very quickly because she has the background and is very passionate.”

Dr. Fierro’s first impression of Trustee Green, when they met at “I Am Frida Kahlo,” is that she’s a happy person and is outgoing, “Every time I see her, she has a smile on her face and [is] incredibly positive, which I really like.”

After the first African American woman on the board was sworn in, the Cerritos College Board Members, her friends and family took photos with the new Board member.

The Board then took a small break as they had a reception for Trustee Green, in which they had a huge cake and water.

Singing in a circle
A group of Trustee Green’s family/friends went around in a circle and sang songs with her. Trustee Green is part of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. and Cerritos Area Alumni Chapter. (Samuel Chacko)

“It’s a very prestigious moment for her and [her] family, friends and the community, it’s very important,” Robert, a friend of Dawn Green, said, “It’s [her work] is going to be outstanding; she’s going to shine like the star she is.”

Justin Blakely, friend and colleague of Trustee Green, said that he felt inspired by her, “Dawn Green being put into this seat is going to be a great victory for not only the community of Cerritos [but for] Cerritos College.”

“She’s the right person for this work,” Blakely added, “I’ve watched her, in terms of her day job, of [being] really dedicated and really seeing success in our students.”

Blakely described who Trustee Green is as a person, “She’s fearless, she’s courageous and also has a bold vision on how she wants to see things done and she has a very reputable work ethic.”

“She’s also someone who’s a people-person, she’s very genuine and she really wants to see people succeed and win,” he continued, “I watched it, I’ve seen her demonstrate it and I’m very excited to see her on the board.”