Cerritos College hosts first-ever Santa meet and greet


Sophia Castillo

Families wait in line to ride the little train to give them a tour of Cerritos College on Dec. 10.

Sophia Castillo, Staff Writer

Cerritos College hosted their first ever Santa meet and greet at the Performing Arts Center on Dec. 10 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The event was completely free, there were free photos with Santa and Franco Falcon, balloon art, face painting, train rides and refreshments.

Outside the Performing arts building, there were tables set up where children and parents could color on coloring book pages and there was a line outside for people to ride the train, the train would take them on a quick ride around campus.

Cheryl Thury, an Administrative Assistant from the President’s office said, “Our board members wanted to have a free community event so we thought we’d bring Santa and Franco out.”

[This is the] first time we’ve ever done this so we had no idea what to expect and it’s been a great turnout.”

“I’m excited about our break and to spend time with my family,” the Administrative Assistant added.

Santa and Franco were set up inside the Performing Arts Center as families stood in line to take pictures with Santa and Franco, the lines went all the way outside the building.

Mariam Martinez, a Cerritos resident said, “We’re excited to see Santa Clause for sure and we are hoping that we can stay together as a family because a lot of times people aren’t as lucky and they don’t get to spend Christmas with their family.”

This event was a great way to get the Cerritos community together and engage in festive activities.

“I was just driving when I saw the sign for this event,” Mario Lopez, a Cerritos resident said, “I just went to pick up my kids. They are super excited to meet Santa and so am I.”

“I’ve never been able to take them to take pictures with him so we are thrilled and I love that it’s free here.”

Inside the building, children were lined up to get their faces painted and get some balloon art.

All throughout the building, there were tables with free gift bags filled with a hot chocolate kit and cookies.

Dr. Shin Liu, President of the Board of Trustees, said, “I’m very excited because we really care about [the] community and now we are inviting the community to come to our campus to take a look at the beautiful buildings and to inspire them to take a class here.”

“I’m excited this Christmas because I got reelected so I can continue to serve the students and community for another four years,” said Dr. Liu.

Thury said, “Yes absolutely we’ll plan this event annually.”

Cerritos College is planning on continuing this event annually, according to Thury, so keep your eyes out for that next year.