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Peaceful migrants treading on thin ICE

Photo credit: Sofia Gallegos

The recent arrest of 21 Savage has brought to light a problem bigger than crossing the border.

According to an article by the New York Times, Savage’s lawyers stated that he will be released from custody on Wednesday 13, after having been detained by ICE for more than a week.

ICE, intended to “promote public safety,” has now begun to deprive people of their voices.

They have used their resources as a means of intimidation, in order to keep the focus on those crossing in from our southern border.

However, recent events have shown that the border is not our only pressing concern, and that our immigration system is in desperate need of reform.

Two-time Grammy-nominated rapper 21 Savage was arrested in Atlanta early Superbowl Sunday as it was discovered he had been residing unlawfully under an expired visa.

Only 48 hours prior to Savage being taken into customs, he appeared on The Jimmy Fallon tonight show and performed his song “A LOT”.

The entertainer changed his lyrics, proceeding to ridicule the U.S border policies, and implied that President trump was also to blame.

Shortly after, without warning, Savage was put in lockdown for 23 hours a day, with no reliable means of contacting his family for more than 10 minutes per day.

In arresting the rapper, ICE has inadvertently shone light on our expired visa problem.

ICE has used the arrest as an intimidation tactic as a warning for anyone who may want to jump on the Savage band wagon.

ICE has made it clear that anyone who tries to stand up to their methods could end up taking a very cold ride.

This plan to scare the people backfired on ICE, as it only served to expose America’s expired visa problem.

The Rapper has been pending citizenship for almost four years, with little to no progress being made.

For someone who is so prominent in the media, it seems strange that the government would all but ignore his request to gain citizenship.

The process most certainly needs to become much more effective, because becoming a US citizen is far too much of a burden.

There are countless requirments; one must submit to a biometric screening, have lived outside the US for over five years, lived in the state you file for three months and can’t leave after filing your case.

These are only a few of the requirements, with many more steps involved that make little sense.

It can sometimes take upwards of five years to become a citizen, leaving families to live every day in fear that ICE could come knocking.

ICE needs to focus more on making the process more efficient , as opposed to using the extensive process to their advantage, in order to arrest those still in the process of obtaining citizenship.

Yes, all of America supports continuing to prevent terrorism and investigating the illegal movement of goods.

But they really need shift some focus away from our southern border, as problems such as expired visas pose just as large of a threat.

ICE cannot continue to use their reach as an intimidation tactic, intended to deprive people of their hopes and dreams.

Especially those such as 21 Savage who merely wants achieve the American Dream.

During this time Savage has the whole industry on his side, with people like Jay-Z calling it, “An absolute travesty “ hiring Alex Spiro to assist.

Savage’s lawyers stated on Tuesday 12, that he would be released from custody the following Wednesday 13.

The rapper was granted an expedited hearing which allowed him to be released from custody on a bond.

Charles Kuck, a member of 21 Savage’s legal team stated that his next court date with immigration is set for April 11.

Savage’s lawyers also stated that he aims to bring attention to other immigration detainees.

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Peaceful migrants treading on thin ICE